News; what have to pay attention to during sexual

Published: Monday 01 June, 2015

Sex skills and different posture, but one thing is the same, that is sexual health, we all know that sex is how to return a responsibility, but care about sex, little is known about what sex can't do.Therefore, small make up specially for you summarized the following sex bad habits.Want to have sex, these bad oh.For modern people, don't, what all quick, quick, the fast pace of life rhythm, even sex were required to be fast, fast, fast.But fast sexual foreplay time tend to be short, can let the woman caught off guard, two people will be pain.No should be fun, still can make nakedness is damaged, time is long, feel love of one party can appear sex apathy.Between lovers because of busy, asexual is normal for a period of time.But if as a mission to serve each other, the result will be counter-productive.So, if really didn't have sex, you can sleep a day.Like appetite, hungry, you will naturally want to eat a meal.The strength of the male human ability, is not measured by how much the number of times.But sometimes, after made a man in order to show yourself to be strong, want to try again.Doing so will make a man's body has been in the excited state, the number will appear more erectile dysfunction.Some couples like second sprint, often in a few months later, the man de-clawed, just understand not just authority.Once there is a tension of sex is happier than two nasty sprint, also in much healthier.There is no security of sex, always let a person afraid, even enjoy a moment of passion, but later will also bring us all kinds of problems.In what way between lovers make love actually is feasible, but the problem is that you don't know that is there any other part of the other bacteria, and sometimes he (she) don't know.If for the sake of happiness, you used is not very safe way, there is no doubt that is healthy for you planted the seeds of danger.Anyway, safe sex just happy, sexual health is the premise of feasible designs.Various modes of contraception and emergency contraception is just one of them.Young couple greedy huan, want the best pleasure, don't want to use a condom, so will the sex in 72 hours, the woman taking emergency contraception to avoid pregnancy.However, no one drug can guarantee one hundred percent safety.Medicine occasionally as well, but if in this way, often to her body hurt.Long time use will be resistance, not the role of contraception.If I really feeling hard to endure, don't want to use a condom, so, suggest a use birth control pills, can also play the contraceptive injections, a week, a month or half a year.For lovers to live for a long time, or use a condom is better.Can try ultra-thin condoms, bring you the real experience of skin.
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