News; Perfect coordination with the depth and speed

Published: Sunday 31 May, 2015

To combine speed and depthSex is not only a physical strength live, but also a live technical, don't think that moves up and down once everything is all right, of course, if you just eat, not eat good, also can be finished.But if you want to enjoy the pleasure of sex more beautiful, it must strengthen the technical content, the speed and depth, both hands to grasp, both hands to hard.Speed and depth of practiceIn the process of sex, sex rate tend to be more good grasp, to fast or slow, can be passed through oral expression and body language, such as in the climax of suspension, "SAO" breaks up, but the depth is a bit difficult to explore, to how deep is the most appropriate?Women heart seabed needle, the depth of the sex.To find the most suitable degree, requires some skills of the speed is not the sooner the betterBecause during sex, not to enter the deeper sexual pleasure we will be more intense.Sometimes the strength of the sexual pleasure is a combination of depth and the way of sports.The piston movement is the most commonly used in the sex life of sports, but the piston movement is just a form of sex, in addition to the piston, and rotary movement, oppression, vaginal contractions and mixed movement, etc., in a one-time life, these are often used interchangeably with the move, can enjoy the incomparable sexual pleasure.When the movement of the single speed to cooperateWhen in the form of movement before and after the action is single, in addition to hold good speed, must also under some effort on depth.Such as men in sprint forward, women can cater to the forward, so moving in tandem, rather than the opposite, you can make one strength multiplied, and helpful to the male's going deeper, stronger sexual pleasure will naturally.After all, sex is things of two people, men and women both parties are the main body of sexual life.Now that two people can enjoy the pleasure, of course, also need two individual efforts.And with men and women both parties to cooperate, sexual life will be more harmonious and perfect.Oppression movement can speed upIn addition, men's and women's oppression movement can also be used in sexual life.Oppression movement more closely than to make organs of two motion phase, let a female Yin and Yin way of uterus are subject to intense stimulation, men in the process, speed up, can clearly understand the Yin crossing contraction.