News; Sex and love A few things you don't understand

Published: Sunday 31 May, 2015

One can travel together to upgrade and strengthen the close relationship between partnersLong distance driving does not seem to be a good time to discuss important issues with a partner.After all, you have to in driving indoor hours could not move, but perhaps this is a long distance driving for two people the benefits of close communication."A lot of couples found that long distance running is a good opportunity for us to discuss the problem, this is because instead of between partners in a limited space for a rare concentration."Experts say: the journey also offers a chance for a better understanding of each other for each other, "can communicate some details, such as TA hope for the future, TA wildest fantasies, or TA childhood memory, etc., and then do a good listener, will feel closer to each other, make love satisfaction index could rise up."In addition, because my trip down the various distractions of everyday life, and transform the environment again, were also more likely to bring the same sex change some surprises.So, the expert advice, every couple should take time together on the road to travel, it's best to make up for the relationship, the most natural choice.2, humility is the sexiest character elements in the 21st centuryCan't find the object?Low key point, opportunity to more!- the positive psychology reports recently published articles.The volunteers were asked to some dating data according to be fond of, friendly degrees, whether interesting possibility and dating four dimensions, results indicate that one of the most popular of modesty.Another study found that people for a modest man the occasional offensive behavior is also easier to forgive."This suggests that the humble can have very good repair effect" in relationships, Michigan said daryl, assistant professor of psychology at hope college.As a result, we have reason to believe that, the characteristics of humility, more than attractive appearance, become the sexiest character elements in the 21st century.3 sex couples often have similar DNAScientists have found that people tend to choose instinctively "suitable" spouse, including the same age, race, religion is consistent, almost similar and family upbringing.But is published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences, said in a paper on people tend to choose same DNA close to people as a marriage partner.The researchers studied 825 couples, found and compared with the two ethnic groups in random, marital DNA difference is smaller.The researchers believe that the meaning of happiness couple genetically similar degree is far greater than other factors such as similar.Woman's voice can control have become more sexy, men, who are not"Why is that during the process of making men like to listen to the voice of the woman?"Scholars of the university of Madeleine albright in a 2014 study found that women's voices will be in the process of sex become so sexy.And, if not during sex, women can also use their own advantages to attract men sound.So women can consciously control their own voice, let his voice sounds more beautiful, more sexually attractive.But men, ha ha, the more deliberately play sexy, sounds disgusting more instead."The study found that almost all men like high voice, feminine voice," says Dr Susan, an assistant professor, "but when a woman deliberately lower her voice to make himself sound more sexy, usually is one of the objects of potential implications."So, are contained in the woman's voice is very sexy and passwords, 15% of men in the "sexy voice" and "beautiful appearance" after a struggle between decided to choose the former.
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