News; 6 tips, make couples sex life more perfect!

Published: Friday 29 May, 2015

Talking about sex, every couple is not strange, but when it comes to sex quality, presumably most people would think, quality of their own sex?Still don't consider when sex sex quality problem, just very bland completed this beautiful moment.Such things are not can sure what ecstasy is sex, improving the quality of sex, have what method?1, exercise sex musclesDorian solo sex education expert, said Kegel training method is a kind of strong reproductive organs muscle exercises, can enhance women's sexual pleasure.Simply put is training the pelvic floor anal muscle contraction, as if trying to suppress the urine or restrain bowel movements, can at the same time companion has slight contraction of the abdomen, buttocks and thigh muscles.The ideal training several times a day.2, say what he thinksDuring sex, Dr Berman said, men do need guidance.Wife, make yourself comfortable feelings directly tell her husband, or expressed by means of moaning.3, stimulate the sensitive areasSex key "hot spots" in the process of friction will help to reach orgasm.The female superior, for example, could make it easier for female clitoris friction directly with male pubic.If female, in a pillows under her hips also helps to better stimulation of the clitoris.Sexology expert said that sex can also be used in the process of oscillator for sex.4, the husband and wife together for stimulusResearch shows that couples together for the activities of the "thrill" (rock climbing or watching horror movies, etc.), can stimulate dopamine in the brain, help to increase sexual lubrication.5, slow down the pace of sexThoreau said: "the longer sexual arousal, the quality of sexual life, the more violent."Close to sexual pleasure, "into small fire" slow down, after repeated several times, the quality will be more free.6, the use of leading to breatheBreathing helps promote sexual pleasure.Sex education experts said: "can take advantage of the leading energy breathing."Good at breathing couples sex rhythm in an orderly way, not in a hurry "of" a drain it, but gaining momentum, climax pleasure more intense.

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