News; Positions of tired men and women is the most energy saving

Published: Friday 29 May, 2015

Text: passion hot sex, the end always makes two breathless, so a lot of people will think that sex is a physical strength live, but he couldn't sacrifice pleasure of orgasm, so you need to learn some energy sexual technique.What positions the effort?Take a look at.Sex, the equivalent of jogging two kilometers.Sex is a physical strength live, how can not only enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, don't tired panting again?The book "sex", most ShengJin positions are given.On the female under the maleMen tired, the most commonly used is the female superior.In this way, the male just lie on your back, you can effortlessly complete sex.Taiwan have had a survey found that women who can reduce male heart on the load, reduce the energy cost of male half, sex maintain time will be extended accordingly.Before sitting postureFace to face for men and women, men sat out two legs, legs cross sits on the men, women hug each other.This position can let two people of the skin and organs have intimate contact.Face to face can also see each other's response, ask each other's feelings, very exciting.This position can be either male dominated, can also improve hip movement by women.This two alternating movement, can reduce energy consumption.Side positionTwo side contact, men can from front or behind.Advantage is to save the energy, can free hands, to touch, the disadvantage is that the depth of the insert is shallow, but unable to get sufficient stimulation.However, experts remind finally, in the case of the two sides to exhaustion, had better stop sex, first take a good rest, save your strength.More at ordinary times, take part in sports, reasonable nutrition, can have a better sex.The above several positions both save Labour, and can bring you a different experience, so everyone in sexual life can try these sex positions, but want to remind my friends, any sex position should be established on the basis of health, don't force themselves do not pose.
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