News; Eight tips to change the status quo of sex life without passion

Published: Wednesday 27 May, 2015

How to make the way to love between husband and wife more happy more comfortable, this is we have to tell you.1, a promotion and pay increase to stimulate sexual desireSend the table in the journal of the international human resources according to a report, the researchers of 6317 men and women is based on a questionnaire survey of the weekly sexual frequency, and then compared with their income.The results show that income level is 5% higher than others, sex life more than four times a week.In addition, in a promotion and pay increase stage of the people, sex can significantly increase.Expert analysis, economic stability will give people more free time to carry out other activities, including sex.2, a man's sweat more temptingA man's sweat taste will provoke the female's sexual desire.Published in the journal of neuroscience, according to a study in the man the smell of sweat can improve the level of the stress hormone cortisol in women, and let the woman sexuality.A man's sweat can lure women in sexual passion, and more can make women more inspire the potential of sex.3, your partner drink red wineSend the table in the journal of sexual medicine, according to a study of drinking red wine women than those who like other kinds of drinks, have a stronger sex drive.Imagine, a lady in red, hand carry with the red wine goblet, isn't it very attractive?Wine, it is sex of sex thing in the world, now is a "catalyst" sex.But when sex good, foreplay or want some help sex appeal of appliance, small make up recommend durex R haun sleep double pulse stimulation vibrators rod body with unique software design of the "pulse", human like experience, three motor resonance and shock pulse, layer upon layer.4, adventure, passionDon't always arranged in the dating of some old projects, such as watching movies, eating, good chance to make appointment to mobilize lust.Can plan exciting or slightly nervous activity.Published in the journal archives of sexual behavior, according to a study such as surfing, exciting activities such as bungee jumping, climbing, to make the nervous system, the heart speeds up, tense sexual arousal and faster.5 more dazzling, wear bright clothesIf you want to attract the attention of the opposite sex, bright colors such as red, yellow, green clothes can help you improve attraction, more sexy.But be careful not to wear colorful.6, boring program want to sex moreA new study has found that, husband and wife sat on the sofa side by side, watching light entertainment or boring TV, can help both sides to become intimate, because right now they all want to have some fun.7, special taste more attractiveIn Britain, a survey said women like his own man paint, leather, alcohol and other special smell.And women, if send out a lipstick, baby lotion or shampoo and other special flavor, is more attractive to men.8, eat avocado provoke a desireAvocado is a natural aphrodisiac, its appearance is very easy to reminiscent of the male genitalia or woman beautiful body curve, and its as smooth as butter meat can have the effect of aphrodisiac.In all sorts of material under the catalysis of, can you don't want to sex?More than eight aspects sexual technique can help friends get rid of boring sex, the hope friends in sex more use at ordinary times.Such not only can improve the quality of sex life, but also promotes the feeling of men and women.