News; 4 sexual skills Between Men

Published: Saturday 09 August, 2014

In numerous sexual technique, there will always be some has been generally accepted as the best. And the judge of a man and a woman still have difference, in the woman there will be some recognized sexual technique has been widely circulated, and between men. So, the man between sex of the word of mouth what?
1, oral sex on the stairs
Oral way also has a lot of, but there is a will make a man more excited, more enjoyment, more love. If there are conditions, two people's oral sex can be on the stairs, the woman sat on the stairs with a pillow, a man sitting in her two legs on the next layer in the middle of the stairs, this not only makes a man the neck and head activities better, also can make a woman have a vision of a better and more convenient from sexual partners on the sex organs of oral stimulation.
2, increasing the intimate contact
Intimate contact can let we produce a feeling of being trusted, be concerned about. And the feeling of this kind of be trusted, be concerned about, can make us get incredible orgasm during sex. So, in order to establish this wonderful feeling, you can be naked sat with his back against the wall, let your sexual partner head on your lap, gently with your arms wrapped around him. To feel the warm each other, breathing and heartbeat. Then the different position of each other, repeating the above actions.
3, flexible kiss
Kiss, is a way to express love. And lips are very sensitive, in many of the sensitive area, only the clitoris are more nervous than lips and higher sensitivity. So, we can try different kiss method, to change. You can be with your partner for two lips touched. Only mutual sliding between the lip margin; Can also use your tongue, to know the organization under the tongue is very sensitive; Of course can also loving bite and suck each other's tongue, etc.
4, the sex early in the morning
In fact, early in the morning is the best time sex, after a night's rest, the most energetic. So, you can lie in the morning at his right hand, lift up your right leg, his right leg on your right leg and left leg, to ensure that his right thigh in between your legs. His penis into your vagina, adjust the upper part of the body, make you comfortably close to each other. This position can make the penis very easily and comfortably insert, both sides don't have to support each other, can also be slightly change positions. Remember to use the supreme, of course, ultra-thin condoms, completes the safety measures.