News; Do you know of ED enough? Don't frighten yoursel

Published: Tuesday 26 May, 2015

The situation of the common man frighten himself has the following several kinds:Masturbation is bound to cause EDMasturbation is unmarried, divorced or widowed men, with partner separation of sexual behavior, is one of the standard, the natural way of sex, and there is no direct relationship between ED happened.But there are worries about masturbation could induce ED, and finally happens, it is associated with abnormal psychological activity.Abnormal long-term masturbation can lead to mental and psychological factors, excessive anxiety, guilt, depression, anxiety.These unhealthy thinking activity will interfere with the normal play of sexual function.ED for the morning he is not obviousMany unmarried men, especially is about to be married, often have such a feeling: think in the morning, before is visual stimuli, or indulge in a fantasy, penile erection and naturally very hard, but this reaction seems to fade away.Many people are likely to see it as ED, even afraid of marriage partner jokes.In fact, caused by nerve reflex all morning Bob and erotic stimulation, can induce psychogenic erectile.This kind of erect is very irregular, can follow a person's physical fitness, thoughts, emotions, such as change, downs, you can't judge ED as a standard.And true sex practices, direct sexual stimulation, from sexual partners than simply touch the olfactory stimuli such as audio-visual much more strongly.Sex object changes happened after erection, is EDSome people divorced and remarried, find themselves less, this is a sex object after the change of anomalies.Selective ED in real sense, with the man, not a real patients after psychological adjustment and couples communication, can return to normal.Frequent spermatorrhea will send EDAncient Chinese sexual idea has the "frequent spermatorrhea big energy-sapping".In fact, this concern is completely unnecessary.There is no connection between spermatorrhea and ED.Health unmarried man spermatorrhea two or three times a month is completely normal.More than the frequency, which may be related to reproductive urinary organ inflammation or certain habits and customs, such as wear tight pants, sleep at night local is too hot, too tired during the day, etc., appropriate treatment can alleviate.Premature ejaculation is bound to turn EDFrom a medical point of view, this often is inhibited the psychological factors;Some of this pressure even from his wife.Need positive psychological adjustment, no connection between them.
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