News; The man sex excessiveness sorrow: sexual dysfunction

Published: Monday 25 May, 2015

A lot of things are not the more the better, sexual desire is the same.Since the turn of the spring and summer, the men are much easier to evolve into "ED", namely the sexual dysfunction.Sex can lead to sexual dysfunctionErectile dysfunction, generally speaking, there are two kinds, one kind is body organs lesions, but this only account for about ten percent of the proportion.While another functional accounted for most of erectile dysfunction (Ed), the patient's body organs and no pathological changes, only the body form a special pathological nerve reflex.Young people are always used her body good, young, with their sex lives would be excessive fascination.Under the condition of such frequent sex, sexual system in a state of overload for a long time, cause sex system overload, the organ in the long-term hyperaemia, without adequate rest and recovery time.Long-term, overburdened sexual system can appear dysfunction, erectile function is restrained, closed, leads to the emergence of erectile dysfunction.TCM holds that the kidney is the foundation of the life.Kidney empty, caused by sex excessiveness, nutrients were leaked, kidney deficiency, cause the whole person feel tired, depressed, the waist sour leg soft, even dizziness tinnitus, thirsty, night sweats can also trigger the problems such as insomnia, and resistance is abate, also easy to appear the phenomenon of erectile dysfunction.Excessive masturbation can cause EDRemoval of normal sexual life, actually masturbation without restraint, the harm and excessive sex life is the same.Because of masturbation does not need the erectile tissue of the penis are satisfied, could be if accustomed to penile erectile not full-time masturbating, normal penile erectile system will get accustomed to this kind of sexual behavior, erectile dysfunction.As in normal intercourse can't have a satisfactory erection.Which will increase the psychological burden of patients, further aggravate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.Some frequent masturbation of men can also lead to premature ejaculation.Due to the way of masturbation and normal sexual intercourse have bigger difference, accustomed to the relatively loose, ejaculation occur more easily can easily in the normal way of masturbation after intercourse of organ in close contact, larger stimulus and appear premature ejaculation.This situation is the most common method of squash with the hand masturbating.In addition, many infatuated with masturbation, or too often men, the in the mind have a feeling of guilt, especially married, but don't have my wife of men, are more often in remorse and contradictions.Serious not only erectile dysfunction, there will be neurasthenia, insomnia, anxiety, wait for a phenomenon..
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