News; The elderly medication treatment impotence remember not too much

Published: Monday 25 May, 2015

The elderly taking aphrodisiac or long for the increasing number of people taking aphrodisiac.Though the treatment of impotence drugs may have an impact on body, but right amount take aphrodisiac is good for health and anti-aging, because normal sex life can promote the metabolism of human body, beneficial psychosomatic health.But the elderly must carefully taking aphrodisiac, bear in mind that not too much.On the one hand, the elderly have more basic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, an overdose of easy cause serious consequences;On the other hand, the elderly viscera function decline, drug in the body metabolism slows, long storage time, drug effect is strong, an overdose of side effects.In addition to surgical treatment for impotence, the current "aphrodisiac" can be divided into three types: category is for the purpose of treatment of sexual dysfunction drugs;Another kind is used for ziyin impotence, physical fitness, lay particular stress on regulating the body balance of Yin and Yang of sexual health and drug;There is one kind is to strengthen the excitement, stimulating activity, increase sexual response.What are the symptoms of impotence?What about to treat?All "no" more warm, dry, if the kidney Yang deficiency is failure, only under the guidance of correct and proper use, is likely to make decreased sexual function to get some degree of recovery.If Yin fire, taking, such as fuel, will appear all sorts of malpractices.Surgical treatment for impotence how many money?Due to the high cost of surgical treatment of impotence, many people will pin their hopes on "viagra".The "viagra" in the western medicine has many side effect more, a lot of over 50 patients suffering from diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, impotence after taking viagra may mask the real condition.Heart vascular disease tendency, therefore, must be careful with "viagra", so as not to cause a heart attack or stroke.Smoking is the most important reason men impotenceSmoking lung injury is more than we thought so simple, the harm of smoking on male genital is very big, in addition, the whole body systems and organs will be affected, some experts pointed out that male smoking 20 each day is likely to suffer from impotence.Four kinds of food is the culprit to male impotenceCouples can sex harmony is also the important factors influencing the relationship, and impotence is harmonious and greatly influence the sex of husband and wife relationship, even while eating for men is made as the chief culprit of male impotence, especially some male food had better eat less so as not to attract impotence.