News; Ejaculation is the prelude to impotence?

Published: Thursday 21 May, 2015

Ejaculation is the climax, men make the normal physiology reaction, pleasure, pursued by the male friends as a perfect sex life end.However, if the male orgasm, semen is not ejected, but slowly outflow in vitro, and quantity are very few, only a slight sexual pleasure, even there is no pleasure, medicine will call this kind of circumstance of ejaculation.Ejaculation is what reason is caused?1, the frequent sex ejaculationIf the bedroom is too frequent, will affect the control on the center of ejaculation, burden, not well release command, ejaculation ejaculation occur then.2, anxiety, psychological cause of ejaculationSometimes, if the lack of a strong sexual excitement, fear of his wife pregnant, or worry about their sexual ability can't meet the demands of the wife's sex, the psychological factors of anxiety, interferes with the ability of brain sex adjust, resulting in weak ejaculation.3, organ lesions cause of ejaculationIn addition to the physiological and psychological factors, ejaculation may also exist the countersign of prostate disease.If the place such as the pituitary or testicular pathological changes, affect the function of ejaculation.Visible, ejaculation is not a disease, it is just a symptom.Many male friends find themselves of ejaculation, is easily associated with ED.In fact, the symptoms of ED and ejaculation are two different concepts.If by accident of ejaculation, basic can conclude that the physiological and psychological factors.But for a long time of ejaculation, alert to whether organ lesions caused by, such as expert diagnosis is needed to conclude that condition.
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