News; Won't insomnia at night if have sexual

Published: Thursday 21 May, 2015

, according to the national famous maternal and infant's mother baby magazine's reported that the recent university college London researchers to 16, 11000-44, men and women, according to a survey conducted at the beginning of 30 years ago, for the parents now compared to age of husband and wife, now have 60% of new mothers because of the lack of sleep and low sexual desire, 84% of couples that is sleepy took their common sex. In the face of such situation, the magazine editor Elena driver says, sex and sleep is not each other the ebb and flow, on the contrary, "sex is the best sleeping pills", correctly handle the relationship between them, can maximum limit of passing! Sex won't insomnia at nightAmerican experts in research for sleep and sex, found an interesting phenomenon: are divided into two modes of sleep, it is a kind of deep sleep period, each time lasts about 1.5 hours;Another is the rapid eye movement stage, eye movement rapidly at this time, often dream, about 30 minutes at a time.Two patterns regularly alternating four times, jointly maintain eight hours of sleep.Usually, men will appear the erectile tissue of the unconscious phenomenon during dreaming, women may appear vaginal lubrication, both sexes are prone to at this time about the opposite sex, sex and sexual fantasy dream, fundamental ability to get exercise and maintain.If sleep eight hours a day, people will wake up in the dream, conducive to the protection of the sexual ability;On the contrary, if there is no rule that sleep stage deep sleep and dreaming messy, can cause men early in the morning without an erection, women lack of vaginal lubrication, fundamental ability can be a problem.For men, brain scans and animal experiments showed that they tend to sleep after sex life faster, more sweet, not to say, have sex night let them won't insomnia.As a result, even with 56% of men in order to let oneself to fall asleep faster and masturbation!For women, the American physiologist once a large survey found that the lack of orgasm is a big reason for insomnia.Especially female sexual desire to mobilize more slow, if the lack of adequate foreplay, and the partner did not give full of affection and tenderness after sex, completely satisfy their emotional needs, and will make her feel anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.As a result, some doctors have to improve sex life quality as one of the prescription for the treatment of insomnia.If the sleep time is not enough, the person also is very easy to lose enthusiasm.China's traditional Chinese medicine theory is that sex and are closely associated with heart can sleep.A strong heart can means high quality sleep, and good sleep can also make the heart to "recharge".If lack of sleep, the heart will reduce, sexual desire and sexual ability will also be reduced.Research at the university of London also proved that the theory of traditional Chinese medicine.There is usually less than 5 years old, the parents of the children's lack of sleep sex at least, the process is always accompanied by anxiety and anxiety.And after increased their sleep time, the situation is greatly improved, sex is no longer a couple living outside of the topic, even their daily eye look in the eyes is full of warmth.Responsible for the study of professor Catherine mather said: "is enough sleep and full of spirit, let them more relaxed, better strength, sex and more harmonious."How to make sex helps sleepThe study found that in a one-time life, women's physical consumption is only 1/3 of the men, so how to make men and women are in the process of the common fully relaxed, promote sleep, became a problem.American sexologist in the survey found that most conducive to women sleep sex time is 30 minutes, while men just three minutes of sex can obtain high quality sleep., sexual medicine experts suggest that male after doing enough foreplay and in sex, fully arouse the passion of partners, on the one hand can save energy, on the other hand also female sex can shorten the time.In addition, the position of husband and wife are exquisite.After the sex experts her suggestion, sex, arms around her behind her husband from the wife to sleep, make both parties a good contact with body, again not oppression of the heart, can let a woman have the greatest sense of security, is conducive to feelings of husband and wife and sleep quality.Some sex experts recommend naked sleep, think that the human body more relaxed, there is conducive to enhance the body's immune ability, can maximum limit reduce fatigue.

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