News; Sexual intercourse frequency may wound plant nerve system

Published: Wednesday 20 May, 2015

The interval of sex exactly how long as well?Depending on each person's specific circumstances.Robust body, the nutrition is good, work is not too heavy, sperm regeneration ability, sex gland to secrete exuberant, even more some, also no big deal.After marriage, but often have some young women appeared lumbar acid, leg soft, giddiness, depressed, poor appetite, and even increased leucorrhea and a series of symptoms of kidney empty losses.Some because of sexual intercourse frequency in frequency, urgency...Investigate its reason, are based on frequency of sexual intercourse, some one to two days time, sometimes several times a night.After the wedding, sex more justifiably, but if not add temperance, arbitrary indulgence, is bound to lead to adverse consequences. Modern medicine stressed bedroom shoulds not be too much to avoid consuming gas.Many women believe that sex is excessive specifically to men, and in fact is not the case, for men, weakness obstruction be larger, but also have certain influence to women.Because sexual intercourse is men and women both parties of the central nervous system, plant nerve system, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system systemic synthesis reaction.Some studies have found that women during sex, also have the whole body muscle spasms, heart rate, shortness of breath, blood pressure, body is very tender, sweating, fatigue performance all over the body such as. But, according to what the next day after intercourse and feeling, to know whether sex is excessive. It is generally believed that the second day after sexual intercourse or in recent days, in the following situation, can be considered to be too much: A, mental tired, depressed, listless, lift not spirit to work boring, attention, learning the sleepy;  Second, the general weakness, the waist sour leg soft, lazy, top-heavy, dizziness, two eyes stars; Three, looking pale, his eyes without the god, look gaunt and form thin; Four heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating, insomnia, much dream, difficult to fall asleep; Five, anorexia, no food, poor appetite, and had mild nausea. In order to prevent the occurrence of these signals, the number of the bedroom is not only to the proper restraint, must be "two" :Don't in the bedroom after a, strong labor, or the consumption of physical strength will be excessive, will damage the "feet", legacy.Second, the drink and don't in the bedroom.Chinese medicine once said "drunk to into the room, for exerting its essence".Mean under the situation of being drunk in the bedroom, can affect the health of the body, is still on, the cause of premature aging. For women, sexual intercourse frequency can cause plant nerve function disorder, appear a series of the performance of the plant nerve function disorder, such as spiritual malaise, dizziness, dizziness, pale, gray around eyes, nerves, dry mouth, lumbar debility, leucorrhoea grow in quantity, the individual can appear menstruation to be not moved.Thus, women also need to the offspring.The bedroom proper restraint, is the important "knowledge" of life.But to indulge in sex of again and again, so that the above situation, explains sex excessiveness, should be timely correcting, abstinence, reduce the number of times and every time sexual intercourse.Serious, shall be suspended for a period of sexual life.Or go out, or separated, or bed, it is advisable to disappear, don't come in contact with.