News; Diet to help you improve sexual desire

Published: Wednesday 20 May, 2015

Libido and appetite, are people born with natural instincts, there is important between food and people's sexual dependencies, although have not necessarily improve sexual technique, but will have the effect of "help".Good eating habits are the key to health, to maintain good libido and sexual ability also related to the diet.In ancient China began to study food for someone for sexual health care effect, a large number of literature also documented regulating libido food and medicinal food.Traditional medicine and modern medicine, choose a few has the special effect of dietary can achieve strong liquor, impotence, kidney and strengthen the purpose.Because true elixir is within a reasonable diet, as long as certain nutrients from your diet scientifically, can make men and women sex reach ideal level.Certain foods and nutrients can promote sex, sex appeal and nourish the sexual function, this is the modern medicine and nutrition have theoretical support.Today, this kind of research has found that many can make people eat the food of the sexual desire, they are - foods that are rich in vitamin B1, B2, B6, like beans, grains and cheese, as well as foods rich in zinc, magnesium, manganese and other minerals such as oysters, nuts, spinach, pumpkin, etc., are all can enhance sexual health nutrition food;Chili, mulberry, mushrooms, rye bread, meat, dog meat, etc. In this respect, too less.As long as the right nutrition, diet can also eat out sexual desire.In sexual health diet deployment, should according to the different physiological and physical condition, reasonable arrangement of diet to ensure adequate supply and timely supplement nutrition.Proteins in the body can be converted into arginine, can improve the quality of the male semen, enhance the vitality of the sperm, and can eliminate the fatigue after sex.For the woman to promote healing as soon as possible after the hymen.The right amount of fat provides the body can't synthesis of fatty acids, fat cholesterol or important raw material of synthetic hormones.Such as the lack of, can lead to sexual dysfunction.Enzyme can activate cell activity, effectively prevent sexual recession.Enzymes are widely exists in animal food. Mother enzyme is a little-known nutrients.Studies have shown that lack of impaired glucose tolerance is one of the major causes of sexual function abate, and the glucose in the yeast can make up for the lack of combined with insulin.In addition, various inorganic salts and trace elements also is not a lack of sexual health diet of nutrients, such as calcium, zinc, iron, etc.Now, to have a new study has confirmed that red chili and ginger, etc spicy food can effectively improve blood circulation, stimulate nerve endings, so as to improve the pleasure of sex.Because of spicy foods promote blood circulation, the heart is very good.And from the Angle of the help erectile, whatever is good for the heart, also is good for the penis.At the same time, cholesterol levels and sex has a direct relationship.To help lower cholesterol foods, such as Onions, garlic, oats, etc., can promote the body's blood flow, especially also help keep the reproductive organs of blood flow, thus effectively improve libido and sexual life.Instead, cholesterol to rise, resulting in clogged arteries, it will also block blood flow to the reproductive organs.That not only prevent sexual ability, but also directly affect the sexual pleasure.