News; Men occasionally erectile inadequate women should encourage

Published: Monday 18 May, 2015

According to a female friend, her husband healthy body, their sex life has been more harmonious, but occasionally he has not fully erect penis, affecting their normal sex.Whenever at this time, he felt very sorry, but she is very worried about this will affect the husband sexual performance.In fact, for men, have sex of erectile dysfunction is a very natural and common phenomenon.In addition to the individual tests have implement qualitative sex pathological change, the occasional penile erectile difficulties is not representative ability has a problem, because drinking too much, in a bad mood, fatigue, etc can be triggers.So, men should think calmly and accept the fact that don't need to worry, fear and potential anxiety, more not to shift attention from sexual feelings to penile swelling or weak level.Otherwise, it is easy to self-defeating, really become a member of the sexual diseases in the clinic.There are a lot of such a situation, the male sexual ability is normal, occasionally erectile difficulty is related to the objective conditions, but if the wife or girlfriend laughed at for a long time, lead to male psychological pressure is too big, can appear really erectile dysfunction, and had to spend money to see a doctor.Therefore, as a partner of women especially not to ridicule and sarcasm appear erections men, women at this time of sarcasm is undoubtedly the most fatal blow to men, are likely to appear impotence.Women should be more comfort, help him look for confidence, help him unload the mental burden, spend a moment of difficulty, restore normal sexual performance.In this way, both the male and the female sex happiness can be attained.

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