News; Coffee affect sex orgasm

Published: Monday 18 May, 2015

"If you want to have sex of passion, then drink a cup of coffee before going to bed. If you want to ruin their sex lives, method is also simple, that is to raise a glass or two more."Recently, the famous American sexual medicine expert points out, has certain influence to the sex, coffee is good in moderation, too much is harmful.Expert says, coffee influence of sex, because it will directly impact on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve.Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve control are ebb and flow of the human brain: under the stimulation of the external environment during the day, sympathetic, exciting;When you go to sleep at night, parasympathetic nerve predominate, relaxing.If drank more than two cups of coffee before sex, sympathetic excitement, people will not be able to produce flabby, cheerful state of mind, sex good mood will be anxious to replace, sexuality will reduce, sexual life quality will also be discounted.If drinking more than two cups of coffee after sex, can make the human body is still in the excited state, is not conducive to physical recovery.However, for it is not easy to sympathetic nerve excitement, or because the body tired and asexual, drink a cup of coffee before sex, can put your own mood, improve the sensitivity of the human body to external stimuli, pleasure in sexual life is particularly impressive.And studies have shown that sex before drink a cup of coffee, can let the orgasm in advance, and the effect is more obvious in the role of women than in men.
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