News; What are the benefits with often make love?

Published: Friday 15 May, 2015

Men and women pleasure when making love, in addition to reproduction, its purpose is to enjoy sex pleasure.Nearly line generation according to sexologist continuously study, found that sex and many other functions, such as: is the natural sedatives, also can improve the immune system, etc.Let us know the specific what are the benefits.Exercise 1,Of Pennsylvania school of medicine study suggests: sex When to do jogging.Like in the bedroom 3 times per week, a year is equivalent to 75 km jog, the combustion heat is 7500 calories.Regular sex life can promote metabolism, some say the bedroom is bed luck, sex in the imperceptible in deepening the respiration, thereby increasing the get the amount of oxygen in cells, promote the function of each viscera and tissues in the body.It seems there are still certain according to.2, increase hormone secretionMen every day to secrete a hormone called deoxidization male Zi ketone, and men also need often added this kind of androgens, because only in this way can maintain the characteristics of the male.During sex, particularly in sexual satisfaction and shot before, naturally in the body to release the hormone for 3 to 5 times higher than normal, so in the west, many men don't have to eat medicine to supplement hormones, wish your body to release this naturally has a masculine hormones.For women, estrogen can makeKeep good blood circulation, women have sex regularly women, estrogen level than women who occasionally sex is much higher.3, protect the prostateSexually mature male regular shot can help remove accumulation of prostatic fluid in the prostate.Each shot, 1/5 is sperm, 4/5 is semen, including a large number of prostatic fluid, if not shoot for a long time, will accumulate within the prostate old prostatic fluid.Cannot too much, but it is important to note that the sex life because of frequent sex life, make the penis is in the condition of chronic congestion, lead to prostatic hypertrophy or enlargement, prone to slow sex prostatitis.4, effectively reduce the occurrence of heart disease and myocardial infarctionSex can let the pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles, the spine more activity, promote blood circulation, strengthen the function of heart and lung capacity.Who has a harmonious sex life the risk of heart disease than sex with harmonic of at least 10% reduction in risk.Have been reported, however, some people died in the process of the bedroom, because a sudden myocardial infarction, so if the body has been found to have signs of heart disease, have sex when you should avoid the action.5, pain reliefSex (especially in meet) can relieve pain caused by trauma, joint pain, low back pain and headache, the release of the sexual arousal and sexual gratification endorphins can improve the ability to endure pain.6, reduce stress, protect the young mindNervous working now, a lot of people hope to decompression, bars, fitness, play a ball game is the choice of modern decompression, actually having sex when a person is cheerful, for both men and women are the most effective ways to reduce mental stress.But overwork, working pressure is big, will be in no mood for the bedroom, because it will consume energy, so the absence of energy also not reluctantly.According to Japan's medical research shows that the appropriate sex helps prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, delay the speed of memory loss.7, reduce the occurrence of skin diseases, and promote the beautySkin can lead to poor circulation, acne, acne and other skin diseases.Balanced and moderate sex life can accelerate the blood circulation, metabolism, make the skin bright and tender, and have the effect of prevention and treatment of skin diseases.Edinburgh, Scotland royal hospital for Europe, the United States, 3500 people (aged 18 to 102 years old) tracked for ten years, found that the appearance of the 25% from genetic, 75% from behavior, and behavior includes three factors: physical activity, mental activity and sex.Can say regular sex life can make the person looks even more beautiful, but the reverse is not established.8, semen help rid the vaginal bacterialExperiments prove that sperm - there is a kind of antibacterial material in the cytoplasm, it can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus bacteria.Although kill pathogenic bacteria of sperm, and not to don't think ill in hospital, after all, this kind of antiseptic, rarely affected by pathogenic bacteria is not enough to resist the body has, misunderstanding of antibiotic use for the frequent sex.
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