News; The g-spot, women's super sexy belt

Published: Thursday 14 May, 2015

G-spot, super sexy belt of the woman, the first priority, is to teach people to find the G point.1. Women lying in bed, men's palms up, and the index finger and middle finger, slowly inserted into the vagina.2. Finger completely inserted into the vagina, after bending fingers the second joint, make stomach to resist the pubic bone.At this time, the position of spire to is the point of G.If not in the direction of pubic bending fingers, fingers can't touch the G point.Everyone talking about hype up an argument - in penis collision G spot position, is not possible.Of course, who is the penis can be bent at right angles, that is another matter.There's a tradition, fingers inserted into the vagina 3?4 cm, slightly rough place is the g-spot, the same is a fallacy.As long as according to the above two steps, you can easily find the G point.My male sex school students, for example, about a 70% chance of success.Is the key to caress the method is correct, it requires you to take a moment to fumble, to catch the point.First can caress the woman right g-spot of male students, the success rate of less than 50%.Next, I will touch the g-spot method is shown to you.To insert the vagina two fingers bend when the second joint for the fulcrum, swaying back and forth fingertips, swing around three?4 cm.In particular, is the straight fingers bending, bending straight again, repeat.In fact, this process is to use stomach oppression and loosen after the g-spotThe rapid vibration again.This kind of vibration for g-spot stimulation of the most effective.There is always A man follow porn actor, put the tip of the finger in vagina churn, extreme errors, this behavior may harm the vaginal wall.As a responsible man, don't do that.And I just said the g-spot stroke, just repeat the oppression and loosen the same point, no matter how fast, will not harm the vaginal wall.It is the faster you move, the effect of vibration, the better, the more close to the ideal caress.Thanks to the help of many women for me, in order to continuously explore in practice, successfully developed the stroke.Therefore, I will again, as long as bend your fingers, pressed vaginal wall to the pubic bone and make the vibration, the g-spot can give pleasure to women.You must forget the fancy the fallacy of sex books, empty their own brain, input I advocated by the G point touch method.
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