News; Techniques of sex for people

Published: Thursday 14 May, 2015

Relationships-particularly those founded in sex, how do men make women are more likely to reach orgasm, master certain pumping technique is very important.So some men are always very hard to do in bed severe pulls out delivers the movement, thought that the more hard, more can let his woman satisfied.However, sometimes is not like that, because sex is not just a physical strength live, it should also pay attention to certain sexual technique.And sex position, pulls out delivers the movement has all sorts of change, need to be clever combination, can effectively improve women's pleasure, guide the female orgasm quickly.Besides pulls out delivers the movement before and after the movement, and in other changes. 1. The oppression movement In depth combined with the status of the pubic bone and the action of the friction of the pubic bone is oppression movement.The waist in cyclotron, gently before and after exercise, can stimulate Yin emperor, but because men are less stimulation, this movement is suitable for fusion used in constant intercourse for a long time. These are just pulls out delivers the movement of the basic types, everyone is different, sensitivity to the sex to let each other can get strong sexual pleasure, the reaction of men women need more than one observation, particular case is particular to face, can be used like a duck to water, let each other up. 2. The oblique line movement To the waist to the centerline, Yin neck to slash direction insertion combined with repeated movement is oblique line movement.The campaign will not only make the glans penis bring dug around the vaginal opening, still can make vaginal wall some minor changes, to produce the greatest thrill to the vagina. 3. The rotary motion Rotary motion is the waist movement in the form of painting "?" glyph, Yin in vaginal painting round neck movement way.Due to the vaginal opening for the fulcrum, Yin neck stir the whole of vaginal wall in the vagina, so can also bring women bring intense pleasure.  In addition to the action of irregular change, of course, is not to say that sex does not need frequency, pulls out delivers the frequency of high and low and pulls out delivers the depth has a certain influence on sexual pleasure is.Pulls out delivers the frequency is higher, the more chance to contact with in unit time, which can be sex central in unit time to get more information, it would be easier to stimulate sexual pleasure.But high frequency pumping time, generally only for 2 minutes, the two minutes are generally stormed the stage of action, can let a person get intense pleasure in a flash. In addition, when pulls out delivers the depth of the deeper, women will obviously feel the glans penis of the sexual contact with the mouth of the uterus impulse.This is totally different from Yin emperor friction of another kind of pleasure, can let a person.Therefore, when pulls out delivers the frequency is too low, pumping too shallow, arousal is weaker, it is difficult to achieve strong sexual pleasure.
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