News; what reason cause of loss of libido ?

Published: Wednesday 13 May, 2015

1. The loss of libido Libido has a high incidence, epidemiological survey found foreign community, loss of libido (34%), 1 year after marriage domestic information census found in 4700 cases of married women sex apathy and less sexy 23. 23%.2. The cause of female sexual response depend on anatomy on the integrity of the reproductive organs, blood vessels congestion, innervation and hormone regulation. Libido is not innate, it is influenced by many factors, including the social psychological factors, internal secretory factors, neurological factors, factors such as drugs and physical diseases.3. The social psychological factors Sexuality from psychology is a kind of sexual desire, desire and motivation theory, sexual physiological and psychological needs of sexual motivation, sexual motivation to produce sexual intercourse. When a woman has long influenced by the traditional conception of wrong education, repressed sexual behavior, attitude toward sex is no rejection, will inevitably produce a loss of libido. The second is the emotional disorders, such as depression, anger and anxiety, and the influence of parents' negative attitude towards sex and relationships, the relationship is not harmonious, etc may also cause a loss of libido. In addition, the threat had traumatic sex or sexual history, lack of sexual knowledge, fear of pregnancy and abortion, poor living conditions, working pressure, life stress can cause a loss of libido.

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