News; Improve sexual ability of 7 nostrum

Published: Monday 11 May, 2015

Happy harmonious sex life for physical and mental health and prolong life of husband and wife is a very important role, but in real life, not every man has a strong sexual ability, it not only with a person's physical quality and genetic relationship, but also with sexual health care and use all kinds of sexual technique.1, press the navel strong kidney before sleepNavel is the CV 8 point in TCM acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sexual function decline is mainly caused by liver and kidney function abate, moxibustion on navel (CV 8 point) can enhance the metabolism of the two organs, thus promote the sexual ability strong.Therefore, it is recommended that a man, every night before going to bed with your index finger on the navel 5 to 7 minutes.2, wear cotton underwear to keep low temperaturePolyester fiber has temporarily to inhibit the action of the sperm production.Polyester pants pants of electrostatic field is easy to cause pregnant women progesterone levels in the body, resulting in a miscarriage.Polyester will also produce electrostatic field in the penile tissue, which may explain why long-term wear polyester pants are decreased sexual function.So it is advisable to wear cotton underwear.And the characteristics of the testes, require low temperature environment, otherwise it will directly affect the sperm formation in the testicles, direct adverse effects on reproductive ability, this kind of injury, is directly proportional to the temperature, time and high temperature.Testicular temperature is lower than the temperature degrees Celsius is crucial.Usually best empty pure cotton underwear, open hole scrotum Lou in the outside, cool, restore the scrotum natural scaling, promote the secretion of testosterone, also can make the middle age male energy and enhanced sexual function.3, close the meditation, the girlOutside of work or leisure time, close the meditation, thinking about?Imagination and a woman make love, I miss you so beauty or you can imagine the specific details, even though this dream is fictional, but it can make your body of the male hormone secretion to strengthen, make sex organs of your body get little exercise, greatly improve the sensitivity for sex.4, to field alternating hot and cold water bathThis is a very old enhance man's sexual function of exercise.Alternate hot and cold water bath, it is best to maintain a certain indoor temperature, to prevent a cold, in the bathtub full warm then out of the tub, put cold water, vaginal under for about 3 minutes, the penis and scrotum contraction and then into the bathtub.So after 3-5 times over, if can insist to do daily bath alternately, can make the middle-aged men, energetic, sexual function after enhancement, relieve fatigue.5, stimulate the inguinal canal department strengthen the testicular functionStimulation in the inguinal canal on either side of the penis can greatly improve sexual function.Groin is to testicular blood and connected to the nerve pathways.Therefore, make the blood circulation in the inguinal canal well is very important.Massage method is of the inguinal canal respectively with two fingers on both sides of the penis, pressing from the top downward stroke, to stimulate blood flow to the testicular pathways.A daily massage, can massage on himself in bed before falling asleep each night.6, penis refers to pressure to strengthen sexual performanceOften penis pressure method is used to massage the penis, can effectively improve the ability of sex.Method is repeated use finger knead the penis.Which can enhance the activeness of the penile nerves and blood vessels, etc.It's like when people in cold repeatedly rub hands or fists and can improve the blood circulation of the fingers, warm fingers red.Repeatedly by hand grasp knead can cause the penis penis erection.Don't be mind to carry on the massage the penis erection.Can undertake massage on the bed in the morning and evening.If as part of a heavy petting before intercourse more help build love and positive environment atmosphere.
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