News; The sex skills which make sex happy fulfilling

Published: Monday 11 May, 2015

If sex is boring, what marriage life and passion?Have no passion marriage slowly can let a person feel tired, tired and then want to seek stimulation from other place, this is not a good phenomenon.So, might as well learn some more help sexual technique, make couples nightlife happy enrichment.Should: ice stimulationSexology expert thinks, with the aid of ice cold sex contact more warmly.Try to ice slide past each other's lips and inner thighs.When each other can't help, don't give up, because sex is to seek happiness, will find a great feeling.Hear about sexual feelings for each otherDuring sex as long as say today's activities, such as "you are my hand sat on his thigh, it feels really cool", your partner will know what can arouse you, you are more eager to what, what action can bring pleasure to you.And conduct site description of sexual activity can prevent ideas internally, ensure that preoccupied with sex.Complete role playing togetherShare a common fantasy can make the husband and wife to be inseparable.Both sides of husband and wife can try role-playing, both to reconstruct the most warm memories bright screen time."Cheating" sort of pleasureAlthough sex is a very intimate, but occasionally to a "cheating" sex, will have the pleasure to enjoy.Open the window and draw the curtains.The bare skin slowly breeze, the neighbors could faintly hear when sex attraction moans, these will be sex arouse more fully.Or some bolder, "very much in love" in the car.Fear of being found to stimulate inspire adrenaline, bring "sexual battle" excitement and urgency.Make full use of good lubricantLubricant is harmonic agent, many couples have sex and sex.When a woman and a deficiency of body fluids, can play a good aphrodisiac sex role.At ordinary times can be ready within the nightstand lubricant, foreplay, wife sex to daub is in front of her husband, or let him service for you, is a picture of passion.Best choice of water-soluble lubricant, such as lubricants durex pleasure with the human body, can not only make sex more comfortable and smooth, cold also can bring the pleasant sensation, exciting new experience for sex, make the tide passion is available.Slow the pace of sexSometimes, both sides of husband and wife sex mood to move slowly, flirting can try to use mobile phone to send text messages, such as "tell you, I was wearing red underwear that you like", can appear in spouse mind sexy scene.What happens when two people back home, is self-evident..