News; What reaons causes male erectile dysfunction

Published: Sunday 10 May, 2015

Sex is a man to show off the capital long time, but want to for a long period of time sex requires a healthy body, only a healthy body can ensure the normal order of the male erection and normal sex.But in life there are many factors will affect the normal function of the male reproductive system, affect the normal erection of the male.What is erectile dysfunctionPart in clinical work, there are no pleasure in sexual life in patients with prosecution or to reduce the euphoria of sex, the enthusiasm of participatory activities affected patients, on the one hand, semen and blood stasis resistance for a long time in prostate not to discharge, may lead to further the occurrence of prostatitis (CP);Long time, sexual life, on the other hand, may lead to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction (ED), further lead to family not harmonious.The influence of drugsSuch as benzodiazepine zhuo, barbitone sedative and sleeping of the drugs may have an adverse effect on euphoria.Whether there is a medium in the brain, such as the brain is not timely supplement at the coffee consumption such as tai is yet to be studied.Nerve endings sensitive point declineProstatitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic, long-term repeated congestion causes such as posterior urethral after urethral edema, a loss in sharpness of sensory nerve endings on urinary mucosa.The urethral pressure is insufficientAfter prostatitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic, urethral congestion and so on for a long time repeatedly sciatic sponge sponge body muscle and the ball causes muscle muscle weakness, related to the urethral pressure is not enough to make the semen shoot out and just out of the country, leading to the expansion of the feeling is not in an instant release but slowly release, pleasure.Semen volume reductionWithin short time asked repeatedly masturbation in semen volume is not timely supplement, prostate, seminal vesicle resection of organs reduced the volume of semen, before ejaculation in the urethra accumulation of semen volume is not enough to make the posterior urethral produces enough expand feeling, making the ejaculation sex euphoria is not strong, or ejaculation domain values drop, when the posterior urethral semen volume has not yet been accumulated to a certain amount has sent out.When fatigue sexPatients because of fatigue, the relationship is, or for other reasons for lack of initiative participation life can also cause patients lack of sexual pleasure when ejaculation.In patients with premature ejaculation ejaculation domain value is low, in the urethra semen volume has not accumulated enough, central has issued the ejaculation impulses.Increased in patients with plateau, make the patients be ejaculation in semen amount, the whole body Prepare before ejaculation, may increase the pleasure of patients.The common method to treat premature ejaculation is in combination with dynamic - stop, this requires both parties to cooperate;Patients for medicine mainly reduce tension of sedative drugs such as small volume stability, prozac, American express, such as jade topical drugs mainly for reducing local feeling topical anesthetics such as lidocaine gel, etc.This kind of oral, topical drug overdose may cause erectile dysfunction, affect sexual pleasure and other side effects;Also can be used durex ultimate persistent condoms reduce the stimulation to the penis, prolong sex.
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