News; Is it the different about the way male orgasm and ejaculation ?

Published: Sunday 10 May, 2015

As we all know, when the husband and wife sex, is a man orgasm ejaculation after the end of the process.Why, then, will produce pleasure when ejaculation?How to understand the relationship between male orgasm and ejaculation?Excited state continued, in general, men are continuous stimulation Y stem, the glans penis is given priority to, sexual stimulation has become more and more high. At this time of erection of the central nervous stimulation signal, will rise up through the spinal cord, make thy loins pulp ejaculation in the reward center of the reflection effect, creating orgasm (ejaculate).Reason for men, is a ejaculation, muscle a strong contraction of three to eight times, the best spend 3 to 10 seconds at the end of the announcement. If the movement decomposition ejaculation 3 to 10 seconds, can be divided into two stages in detail. The first stage is the waist of trigger reflex reaction pulp ejaculation central to the vice (vice testicular, seminal vesicle and prostate gland), the sex organs of wall smooth muscle with instructions, make the muscle contraction, consequently the prostatic fluid spurts out to urethral posterior (semen).Since then, deputy and testicular sperm in the testes, seminal vesicle fluid conveying tube, pure functions for withdrawal to begin reflection. These are the function of autonomic nervous. When arrived at this degree, has yet to produce any pleasure, but is a "once launched, the inevitable" situation.Should continue to strengthen stimulation, then entered the second stage. At this point in the muscles of the Y stem base, and hung testicles muscles (testicles for muscle) and shrinking due to limited by powerful propulsion, twinkling, semen from Y stem urethral opening continuous injection. When sperm injection, because of the urethra expansion for 2-3 times as large. So the bladder sphincter was closed and unable to urinate.Intervals of 0.8 seconds, the average person usually 7-8 times suffering Luan contraction, but as the gradual growth of the age, will slowly reduced to 3-5 times. At the time of ejaculation, if produced by the surrounding muscles, hip and thigh with lower body muscle contraction at the same time, it can make men enter nirvana peak of sexual pleasure.In short, the male orgasm ejaculation, including Y stem part of the forward contract. The inside of the urethra was originally once every 0.8 seconds, after three or four times. At this point, the testis and vas deferens, epididymis, seminal vesicle, storage and prostate is also shrinking, so ejaculation occurred.Ejaculation function can be divided into two stages. The first stage is the organ of the contract and send to the front, make sperm enters the zone of prostate urethra area. At this point, the urinary bladder sphincter is locked at the exit, to avoid the pure liquid flow into the bladder. The second stage is the semen was forward to the urethral opening. Therefore, ejaculation function is a kind of "once launched, the inevitable" involuntary reaction, a fascinating one.In fact, as long as we know more about these sexual health knowledge, can know in sexual life, how to increase his orgasm, and have a harmonious happy sex life, husband and wife relationship will become more intimate, so couples should, of course, hard for sex.