News; Maintain 7 degrees excited Let a man bed lasting skills

Published: Friday 08 May, 2015

Men always want to show in front of the woman have a very capable, very strong side, especially on the bed, they always feel "persistent" to meet the woman, "permanence" is the standard of macho man.Below small make up just tell a male friend, how can the "persistent" on the bed.1, "7" can be excited levelSexual response process is divided into four stages: excitement period, duration, height and period.Want to more strong durable, the key is to realize the whole process of emotional fluctuations in sex, their state of excitement period divided into 1 to 10 levels, don't let yourself get too excited, excited degree maintain at about seven.
2, try to put some pressure on the urethraPress the urethra.When you find your body during sex response too quickly, "overheating" status, try to press the penis below, to put some pressure on the urethra, a small pipe in the back of the penis.Doing so can reduce the blood in the penis, so that the rapid ejaculation desire, be suppressed
.3, self-training through masturbationSelf training.The specific methods: masturbation to insist on for 15 minutes.The purpose of this kind of masturbation is not simply to allow yourself to get pleasure, but at the same time in the mind fantasy how to make them orgasm.Strengthen muscle exercise control ejaculation, interrupt the outflow of urine or a full bladder can let you perceive these muscles, and then take "kegel exercises" exercise these parts, namely the contraction buttocks and pelvic floor muscle exercise, relax again after 10 seconds, repeated several times.Penis don't jump into a woman's body, in the first mate the vaginal opening activities, the most sensitive nerve endings, when sexual intercourse, also do not want too deep, about the vagina 2 -- 3 cm, and then start small activity, so that each other already, and let the penis in the hot vagina not too early.With the tools of temperament and interest, can make men more durable, also can let a female sexual desire is more fierce, let female orgasm faster, so relatively speaking, the man also will be more "permanent".Man is a lasting, actually just want to wait for a slow woman, make her orgasm.
7, put the climax of the other party in the heartDon't you want to do sex with his orgasm.By massage caress, stimulation of the clitoris, let each other feel an orgasm, it will significantly relieve your mental stress, then more freedom to satisfy his desire.8, trying to stimulate relatively small positionWhen female superior the penis by stimulation of the smaller, can delay ejaculation.It is important to note that let her activities slowly, because too fast will let a man cannot afford endurance will decline.9, learn to divert attention when making loveThere is a responsible for orgasm in the areas of the brain, when you desire or want to control, it is able to perceive.The more inclined to get this kind of pleasure, it is also the faster.Don't be too quick to orgasm, more physical contact, such as make smooth thighs touched his hips, happiness pervades the whole body.
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