News; Excessive attention to sexual technique will affect sex

Published: Friday 08 May, 2015

A, number and frequency of too much sexActually most wife does not think that, emotional communication compared with sex, according to the expert survey of 1279 couples 31 large and medium-sized cities (the following figures are based on the survey), 78% pay more attention to the wife of the former, rather than the latter.Amount of pure sex and sexual life quality (how much his wife can get orgasm), compared to 85% of his wife would prefer to obtain high quality, rather than large quantity.A man's sex life practice is not "the more the better".Between 30 to 35 years old, about half of the husband to experience their own sexual needs actually quietly changed, also from the need to seek high quality, large quantity to want to get more deeply emotional communication and experience.Because of this, men who believe in idea, sexual frequency is the main measure of couples harmony, even is the only standard, then he is likely to have two kinds of mistakes in behaviour.First, he may ignore or deny his wife's emotional needs, simplification, the sex life into a series of actions, serious still can greatly harm his wife's personality and emotion.Second, he could be virtually aggravate their psychological burden.Once the older, or encounter an special situation, can't keep his high frequency, will doubt she had "impotent", "premature ejaculation" "disease", will be afraid of, "I'm sorry wife", even doubting his entire personality and life goals or disappointment.As a result, the more stronger, more can't afford to accident.Actually, man's sexual frequency high and low, is basically determined by the physiological status and age, of all ethnic groups all over the world, and almost every man's life, the less will be some time, and some times more, nothing less than "should be" how many times this problem.Men's sexual charm lies in the mature personality style, nurturing, thick and deep emotional attachment.If you don't pay attention to these aspects of culture, but blindly concern or boast of frequency, so man is difficult to the pitfalls of sex.Second, too much emphasis on the role of sexual techniqueIn certain situations, particular couples very appropriate sexual technique can produce beneficial effects.But we also must not forget that the most basic skills must have four prerequisites:First of all, both husband and wife must be absolutely voluntary, really need.Otherwise, is not only an infringement of the other party's personal dignity, but also cause psychological damage on both sides, will not produce good results.Second, the relationship must be quite good.Third, both the level of sexual knowledge and sexual attitudes have to be very consistent.Fourth, the sexual techniques must be used after a strict inspection and in the clinical medical science has proven its applicable scope.Any relationship, and knowledge is not consistent, any hearsay and a little knowledge, will have the opposite sex skills adverse effects.Especially important, sexual technique itself can not make love and concern, is also difficult to fully communicate with.In our country, there are at least more than half of the wife neither demand nor admire her husband's sex skills.Them particularly dislike her husband think of yourself as a "tool" or "stage", let a man there blindly "use" or "performance".In this case, the couple will increasingly diaphragm, indifference and even conflict.All happy couples know, the highest and the most common "skills", actually is not action but heart, is the love, attachment, as much as possible close and care about the truth pouring and enrichment in sex.

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