News; Female orgasm several times a day has a great harm to the body

Published: Thursday 07 May, 2015

Sex is good for a relationship to promote, for health of body and mind is also very good.Perfect sex can let more healthy body and mind.But, don't be so frequent intercourse.Because sexual intercourse frequency is too high, will cause harm to health.So, sex fruit will cause what effect to women, use what kind of sexual intercourse frequency can make women more healthy?To look at the below small make up.Mechanical damage of the vaginaSexual intercourse, is the process of penis in the vagina in and out.This kind of piston movement is a mechanical stimulation to the vagina, at the same time may bring the bacteria in the vagina.Vagina is composed of stratified squamous epithelium, has the strong ability of resistance to friction, if no pain when the friction stimulus, even if sex more frequently.Sexual intercourse time is long, is also no problem.Individual women in the penis into the obvious pain from time to tome, this may be related to caress, prepare adequately for the vaginal opening of the liquid is too little, or fear of sexual intercourse have obvious psychological and make the period of excessive muscle spasm of vagina, also may already exist vaginal infections when to inflammation of the penis into the pain.The bacteria into the vaginaIf the penis or when sexual intercourse for many times, the penis into the feminine vulva is not clean, may bring some bacteria into the vagina, increase the chance of vaginal infections.Women, however, the natural growth of lactobacillus in the vagina, can produce lactic acid, adjust the acidity of the vagina.Under normal circumstances the Ph at 4.About 5, general bacteria in the acidic environment is unable to survive.Vagina have a certain ability to resist infection, therefore, under the normal operation of the body immunity, even in a short period of time many times sex does not lead to vaginal infections.Multiple orgasms impact on women's healthSexual intercourse for many times, means that there are multiple orgasms.And many times orgasm is have effect on women's health.Orgasm is produced in the long-term evolution of a human instinct.Natural body is the ability to launch and bear the orgasm.Orgasm reaction, therefore, there is no damage for women's health, modern science and the research results show that orgasm can improve the functional status of the body, is beneficial to health of body and mind.If sex several times each day, but every time sexual intercourse, women have sex or sexual reaction is very weak, even if the number is more, also not too big effect to the body, just experienced a penis in and out of the physical vaginal stimulation.If can reach orgasm every time, generally 20 to 30 minutes after orgasm physical reactions such as pelvic congestion will gradually fade, body return to normal state.After that if a orgasm again, also won't have any adverse effect to the body.Some women can continuously in sexual intercourse (can) 4 to 5 times in a row to orgasm, this is called heavy more orgasms.And women to orgasm again within a few minutes after orgasm, this is called a sequence type of orgasm.These are the normal response of the human body, there is no adverse effect to health of body.Sex can't impact on womenMultiple sexual intercourse, if to reach orgasm every time, natural won't hurt to health, the key is very few women every sex to achieve orgasm.If every time sexual intercourse women into the plateau, obvious pelvic congestion, but can't reach orgasm, women in the psychological will have a "suspended in the air, couldn't get on Monday" feeling.At this point, the pelvic congestion, President of the time, even if stop sexual intercourse, pelvic congestion will experience about 4 to 6 hours to fade.If frequent intercourse, each time in plateau and fails to reach orgasm, over time, it may cause pelvic congestion and even blood for a long time, have lower abdominal fall bilge feeling, pain, pain and discomfort.