News; The old man's happiness combinationed by sentiment and sex

Published: Tuesday 05 August, 2014

Statistical studies have found that after people into old age, sex can almost "extinction", also rarely seen even a hug and a kiss. Age decreased libido is a factor, but the main reason is because the couple life has been a long time, each other's hand and left hand pull the right hand, all too familiar with each other before have no passion.
As the growth of the age, when a couple at home still maintain a certain degree of daily communication, communication of intimacy was significantly decline, decline in the most obvious concentrated distribution between 35 to 50 years old of middle-aged couples.
45% of middle-aged couples to complain, the couple didn't agree with or deeply divided and effect relationship. Even though, of the content is less involved in emotional life, mainly is the "practical", rather than active emotional communication, also the lack of effective means of "to talk about love", "ditch the impassability".
Most people after middle age, sexual life quality was significantly decline, especially after age 35, ED (erectile dysfunction) problems for intimate index influence significantly increased. At this age, the sex is also sharply increase the proportion of "pressure" interference. Family responsibilities and work together to form the main source of stress, and sex is not harmonious, and partner would not solve the problem of negative attitude, become the main problems of sex.
In traditional concept and accepted since childhood enclosed the influence of sex education, most people choose to avoid unsatisfactory sex as a result of a series of physiological and psychological problems. Among them, 46% of middle-aged couples surveyed admitted will feel closer after ideal sexual life. 45% of couples experience erectile dysfunction, and 76% of couples will be unhappy or often quarrel.
After age 40 appear emotional discord in the family division that is a lot to see. Some scholars put this stage vividly called "mid-life crisis". So, "mid-life crisis" "fuse" is "love" or "sex"?
The relationship may be long benign development, the most important thing is the couple's relationship. So-called "intimacy", not only reflected in the degree of emotional communication between husband and wife, the close degree of everyday life, including the degree of intimacy of sex more.
And for a long time, many Chinese couples, especially middle-aged couples rarely willing to from the perspective of "intimate relationship" to analyze their own marriage problems, the "emotion" and "sex".
Husband and wife relationship, sexual and emotional communication dominated, sex is not ideal dilute couples emotional communication, directly lack emotional communication also influence the sex harmony. Plus the middle age of all kinds of pressure, especially easy to cause male erectile dysfunction problems, brings to the relationship of husband and wife.