News; Proper motion, can increase the frequency of sexual

Published: Thursday 07 May, 2015

Life is movement, appropriate exercise can not only make our body health, also conduce to improving the quality of sex, increased frequency of sexual life, sport is powerful "sexual arousal agent," can improve self-confidence, triggering the release of sex hormone, increases blood flow to the genitals, ascending touch sensitive area, also can rapid "warm up" a woman's body, let each other get comfortable experience of perfection.1, joggingHas the highest percentage of sedentary men "no lift", but as long as walking or jogging 20-30 minutes a day, can to a certain extent.In addition, jogging after 1 year, 62% of women sex life improved significantly;26% of people able to orgasm every time.2, the pelvicWith rhythm, the muscle contraction and relaxation PC (pelvic floor muscles), such as contracting 3 seconds, then relax 3 seconds;The contractions and out relaxation.Or midway through the urine, urine line stop for a few seconds, and then continue to urinate.This movement more violent in addition to the high tide, also can accelerate the metabolism of privates, blocking infections.Practice more push clip legs, sit-ups, carry buttock, is also a good way to improve pelvic floor muscle strength.3, practicing tai chiThe survey suggests that in the beginning of tai chi, 37% of the human activity frequency increased significantly;After a period of time, 10% of the people having sex every day, 29% of people have 3-5 times a week.4, double yoga practiceThe kama sutra of 64 kinds of sex positions, many of which are combined with the essence of yoga.Yoga can let the body flexibility, conduce to the fit with your partner.If feel that yoga movements, then from the primary practice on abdominal breathing.Husband and wife together to do sit down, breathing, with the power of abdominal muscle contraction to breathe in slowly, gradually tightening their PC muscle;Breathe out slowly drum abdomen, relax the whole body.Practise every day for 10 minutes, can enhance erection, is helpful to concentrate, get rid of the tension, irritability sex.5, stretch backAfter sex, might as well put after stretch "backbone" as a play.Men back straight, hands stretched out, lifted up as far as possible.Women can lie on the bed, let her husband took her hand, make up the body movements, 5-10 a set.Both can also lie on your back with his legs up, and stand the abdomen and torso, let the body hung up, and then put down, can avoid after sex.