News; How can make sex more perfect

Published: Tuesday 05 May, 2015

Believe that a lot of people have seen porn, where the pattern technique is really see person.In fact, in real life, couples single mode of sex is conservative, is not conducive to maintaining the harmonious sex.More fresh, can let love cherish you more.Sex don't stand stillSex should be an exploration of the unknown, rather than a purposeful journey.Although the sexologists often advise people, don't give their sex lives on such and such "yoke", but some prejudice is still a lot of people.Must have an orgasm, as having sex or failure.In fact, sex has a broader, more content and mode, waiting for the husband and wife jointly explore and discover.Women can be a leaderThis is the most neglected aspect of sex in the conventional.Women should learn to do the dominant sex, such not only can let the men feel love considerate, caring, can also help women find their own orgasm mode, to better enjoy sex.A deep voice enhance attractionSex can be more freshTouch and kiss, take off your clothes, sex, mode of sex, this is that most people over time will let the partner sex lose freshness.Couples should think of some way to joint, variable pattern.For example, you can come to a hot piece of dance, or hugging said some intimacy, it can stimulate female dopamine, relieve the anxiety and anxiety."Male sweat smell can awaken love lust."Washington university sociologist professor Schwartz said.Fully stimulate PS pointsWhat is a PS?Is inside the vagina is just the area of the g-spot."PS" actually is the abbreviation of "perinealsponge" (perineal sponge), it is an organization that is full of the erectile tissue of the nerve, erections after stimulation, and, you must know is that the larger regional prefer manual stimulation.So, you need to let him make full use of the handles to serve you, believe me, this is absolutely an unforgettable experience.Adult film is the best sex toysAdult film is actually the best sex toys, what are you waiting for, fast with him and enjoy!Loosen up and start foreplay, along with the picture in the movie queen try the game!No man can refuse to do so, this will greatly improve your passion for the sex.