News; What kind of skills to make sex blow out

Published: Tuesday 05 May, 2015

Sex is a burst.Couples use appropriate techniques can produce beneficial effects.So how do you let men and women both parties have more pleasure and impact, so as to get a comfortable sex?1, ladies first is the basic principleFocusing on women feel during sex, let women take the lead to orgasm is the basic principle.Overseas clinical studies have shown that the first women to orgasm, than after climax of women's physical and mental health.2, often transform sexual positionDon't assume that female g-spot (under pressure after orgasm generating intense pleasure zone) have much deep, actually the g-spot center where only 5 cm away from the vaginal opening, the edge is 2 cm from the vaginal opening, it is easy to stimulate.Many men can't find it, often associated with improper body position.3, make full use of the genital stimulationMany couples put women reach orgasm on the male premature ejaculation, this is largely a misconception.Because pure to extend the time of intercourse, will not make the female orgasm automatically.But in the partner to use touch and hand and mouth after stimulus measures, women are more likely to have an orgasm.4, using sexual fantasiesSome women found that they produced a certain pleasure in sex, as if also reached the edge of the orgasm, but always seems a little high tidal range so, very painful.In fact, if they can fully relax in the thoughts, with positive fantasies, so the arrival of the climax is naturally.5, before-and-after caressThe feeling of orgasm is very short, and reproductive organs after accepting caress, can in a few minutes or even a few hours all felt happy.Thus, men in sexual intercourse before and after sexual intercourse to caress, let a female fully arouse and comfort.