News; Sexual matters needing attention during pregnancy

Published: Thursday 30 April, 2015

Because of the womb with the fetus, sex during pregnancy is not completely is the same as before pregnancy.For example, in order to fully take care to the health of pregnant women and fetus, prevent bacterial infection, sex will pay more attention to personal hygiene and not oppress abdomen when making love.The situation of the unfavorable sex:For example, had an abortion or a history of recurrent miscarriagePlacental location near cervix too easy to cause bleedingDue to other reasons made by doctorsEveryone, of course, there are a great individual differences, when you're not exactly their own physical condition to determine whether to have sex, such as happened the phenomenon such as bleeding, abdominal swelling, it is best to consult the doctor for.Sex during pregnancy1. Before, to personal hygieneEveryone knows that do not pay attention to health will easily lead to bacterial infection, so is compared commonly pay attention to.But at the same time, hand hygiene is often ignored by the people.During sex, if not clean hand contact with sexual organs, can also lead to bacterial infection, so before sex, should fully to wash hands and nails, and to form the habit of diligent your nails.2. The foreplay too intenseSome pregnant women may cause abdominal swelling due to nipple overstimulation, so try to avoid excessive stroke chest.Especially in the nipple fluid phenomenon occurs, it is best not to further stimulate the breast.In addition, also avoid too intense to caress the vagina.3. Choose not oppression abdomen postures, and her husband the movement wants gentlenessIf a position to make you feel pain, pain or abdominal pressure, don't force yourself to patience, but should be in other positions.In addition, semen contains make uterine contractions of prostaglandins, therefore had a caesarean section or premature pregnant women prone to swelling in the abdomen or the pregnant woman, it is better to let her husband use condoms during sex.4. If you feel very pain, will be suspendedIf feel abdominal swelling or pain, should be suspended for a rest.Swelling disappeared, still can continue to have sex.In addition, pregnant women on sex is sometimes don't feel comfortable because of the blood pressure to drop, as at this time to take a rest, should also be suspended and appropriately adjust body tilt, discomfort will slowly disappear.