News; Penis erection the longer the better or not ?

Published: Thursday 30 April, 2015

Many men think his penis erection and the longer the better, think only in this way can better enjoy sex, little imagine, for a long time erection will not only because of the prostate and perineum congestion lead to local discomfort for a long period of time, also can cause prostatitis, etc., can even damage the erectile function.Erection and the longer the betterTo correctly judge male sexual ability, should first clear the normal process of male sexual response.After this process is refers to the male sexual stimulation, from sexual arousal, erect penis hyperemia, come, in the accumulation of sexual tension to ejaculation, return to the quiet state such a complex physiological process, continuous and complete.Penile erection is the most important functions of the male sexual function, in a full sexual intercourse, erection of time can also be interpreted as ejaculation time, foreign a sex survey results show that the random sampling of 491 men of the vagina ejaculation time: most people (70%) in 7 minutes, only about a quarter of the people will be able to more than 10 minutes.Many people short time of erection and ejaculation fast and grief, this is indeed a real problem.For has entered into the vagina and began to twitch, that should be the how long after ejaculation is belong to normal?There are some wrong ideas in the past, think time is a standard of "macho man", "and the" erection the longer.Little imagine, for a long time erection will not only because of the prostate and perineum congestion lead to local discomfort for a long period of time, also can cause prostatitis, etc., even can damage the erectile function;Sex is the couple things, on the other hand, if you don't adapt to partners for a long time erection, the passage of time may lead to a woman's, cause sex apathy, etc.So long erection time essentially has a vile indeed.Mo to erect length theory of "hero"So, how long an erection time is appropriate?Individual difference is very big different, ranging from 2 minutes to 1 hour.Now have specific provision, if can ejaculation, erection for more than 1 minute even if normal.Generally speaking, a proper erection time should be able to make both husband and wife to achieve satisfactory sex life, and once last longer than four hours, should see a doctor in a timely manner, in case of priapism caused irreversible damage to the physical.Seven recruit help men retain sexual performanceAbility to maintain good sex is every man's wish.But as the growth of the age, the aging of the body, there will always be some not satisfactory.Therefore, how to help men keep sexual desire, sexual health.Lower your cholesterol.Several studies have found that middle-aged men cholesterol levels dropped to normal range after sex will recover, because the good cholesterol can promote blood flow better, thus improve sexual desire.The study found that waist circumference reduction can effectively improve sexual desire.Because the waist fat, can decompose the male male hormones in the body, lead to the lack of male hormones in the body, affect sexual performance.Waist by 1 cm, reduces androgen level will be improved, men could "energy".Check list testicular every six monthsCarefully grope for yourself every six months the testicles.Shower is the best time for introspection, warm water will make scrotal and testicular relax, convenient check list.According to knead gently with both hands each testis, or with the hand scroll to them.If found with testicular mass, such as grain size, and without pain, is not normal.If found edema, testicular shape change, or groin pain, should be timely.How do squatsThe squat this action on exercise is below the waist muscle groups, can increase blood flow to the pelvic area, would be relatively easy erection.A physical examination every yearPhysical examination project should include blood pressure, cholesterol and testosterone levels.If these three numerical value is beyond the scope of normal examination, must cause attaches great importance to and vigilant, timely take effective medical treatment and physical exercise, or you will make your sex life.