News; Lovers will not aware of details of sex

Published: Wednesday 29 April, 2015

In the process of getting along with couples, 99% of people will ignore some details, the sexes and the sex consciousness can be virtually affect the relations between the two sides, so, or to look at what you ignored to deepen the feelings of the opportunity!When is the most easy to conquer woman do you wantMany men know this truth: would you like to get a love, which was not how to love his woman and time points of occasions.In this a few moments, the women's ability to fight love, is the lowest.For example, claustrophobic environments, sunset at dusk, after the date, and so on.After a lot of men mastered the scientific truth, begin to prepare step by step with break women's hearts.As a woman, it is necessary to grasp these information first step than men.If, you really don't want to good to start a relationship with a man, so it is best not to set the date in the coming time.Popular and unpopular vocabularyPopular words such as: love, happiness, happy, comfortable, money, security, fresh, easy, interests, worth, true, healthy, beautiful, lively...Unwelcome words such as: sad, difficult, capital, hard work, damage, death, destruction, contracts, responsibility, obligation, failure, pressure, and the price...From the two groups of vocabulary can draw such a conclusion: when you want to convince a person like you, embrace you, agree with you, that you should learn to him in a positive way to infection.Office workers "weekend effect"Office worker knows such a truth: from Monday to Wednesday, the person's mood is very poor, look at the heavy work, with no end in sight, pain!On Wednesday after, immediately is on Thursday, see to victory on Friday, the mood immediately began to overcast to cloudy clear up again!Using the "weekend effect", it is recommended that the white-collar gens reasonable arrangement work in one week time: try to pull the simple and easy to work on Wednesday before the row, the more hate work is heavy and complicated to go to on Wednesday after a row, the heaviest pressure work best on Friday.As a result, a week, your mood will not have too much work ups and downs, will remain in a relatively uniform in good condition.In life, many things can be applied to it.If you're smart enough, you can apply it to every important mark for our life!!!!!!!The woman loves to hear praiseHave such an interesting phenomenon: with a strange woman meet for the first time, if praised her costume jewellery, that she will quickly show a sincere for you sweet smiling face, the conversation will be harmonious.Women had heard such words: "if anyone would wear out the number of accessories, all without exception is selective in her."So, a female outfit of a complete set of clothing shoes and hats, is all the work before her completely to the negative.Who all don't like being negative feeling, especially women.If you are not sure she, at least not deny her.Flower heart from childhoodIn a family, when mom and dad grandpa's grandmother and all collateral branch belongs to direct to the "little emperors" "little princess" rivalry in turn: "baby, more like your prefer mom or dad?""Darling, grandma and grandpa who was the more pain you?And there was such a inertial law: the more parents rivalry that was childhood children, the higher the chances of cheating the after marriage.Because, to her parents and friends, rivalry, was also a triangular or polygonal dark war, spoiled child, are conceited.Conceited man, condemned it's ups and downs.Men don't meaningful answersWomen ask: "do you really love me?""Are you more love me or her?"Are you willing to give up for me in another city temptation?"More often than not, he will smile looked at her and asked: "what do you say?"Women sad Chen: "I didn't ask me, I am to ask you!"So he changed a spoony appearance say: "of course. I'm all for you."So she touched, love to including.Is she really do not know, answer this question, he a little cheated her leg.Pay attention to, the man of this a few seconds, there is always another meaning.It is also experienced a measure of battle.When you ask a man for an answer, if the other side delay more than three seconds, more often than not, his ultimate given that the answer is not the real answer in my heart, but is to please you and deliberately painted the answer.Get to know each other for many years will repel each other body"Think of an intimate relationship with her, I was not comfortable.""As long as there is physical contact with him, I'll have a visceral sense of rejection."Many people think this is the witness of love has died, in fact, this is just the "fear of intimacy".In marriage life for a long time, very easy to generate a feeling like the love of parents, siblings, once the family love instead of love, do "that" again, will feel guilty, cause mental stress.Body language can convey feelingsHave many men friends say: "why do I always love my wife with my sticky sticky? Especially to anywhere there are a lot of people, often some of the intimacy, causing uncomfortable. It's not in love, really embarrassing!"People's feelings, often is expressed through body language.Willing to close to a person, that was attracted by the smell of his body.Reject a man on the body, the true heart of he is disgusted., not his hands all men often some little affectations irritated, as he adored her.Women occasionally take man as aerosol sandbags, every blow down to, also is a kind of expression of love.See a person's heart, see his details.Came up the street, a man and a woman, if either party take the initiative to hold tight the other hand, it shows that he (she) more love her (him).Realized that the gender of the small details as soon as possible, it can better the development of the relationship between each other, also can let more harmonious sex under the surrounding of love, as well-known brand LELO advocated: sexes in harmonious relationship, create sex must be more perfect!