News; Men have no money will also go bad

Published: Tuesday 28 April, 2015

People usually think men more rich more flower heart, but a new study at the university of Kansas in the United States, in the long-term social economy is bad, men tend to seek more partners.Social psychologist omega, gilardino who led the study.They will be involved in the study of men is divided into two groups, a group through the scene setting, let them believe that the future for a period of time the recession, they will be unemployment;Another group of people in the economic prosperity, jobs a lot of situations, researchers showed both groups were then pornographic images.It was found that the former group's response to erotic images more quickly, the more interested in sex.The researchers also compared the economic recession and economic boom divorce condition, found in a recession, men are more likely to cheat, marriage is more unstable.Better economic conditions, the authors analysis, men will pay more attention to their own development work, pay attention to the existing children, think of some way to solid marriage, enjoy the AnWenGan.Once didn't work, economic distress, he will tend to sexual stimulation.At the same time, from the evolutionary psychological theory of sexual selection, in a dangerous environment, men will be more inclined to through sexual reproduction.