News; Don't ejaculation will make women pregnant or not ?

Published: Tuesday 28 April, 2015

Li hui: henan readers knew and loved ones last week, after penile erection, I didn't wear a condom, trying to enter two or three centimeters, but without ejaculation, only there are some secretions glans place.At that time, I think these secretion lubrication, don't too care about.But the wife said her menstruation late today, may be pregnant.Excuse me, can discharge can cause male female pregnant?Yuquan hospital sexual medicine, tsinghua university professor Ma Xiaonian: you this kind of situation may lead to his wife is pregnant.Because before secretions contain ejaculated sperm, even men during sex in the vagina not ejaculation, there may be with a small amount of sperm into the female body, if women were ovulating, pregnant odds is very big.This way of contraception is similar with the withdrawal.Withdrawal refers to the sexual intercourse close to orgasm, the moment of ejaculation, artificial interrupt intercourse, the practice of discharging semen in the vagina.Such contraception is not only easy to fail, but also easy to cause functional ejaculatory disorder, cause premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.If you don't intend to have children, had better choose more reliable contraceptive methods, such as erection after wearing condoms, birth control pills, and so on.Your lover is best to go to the hospital for blood test, to see if unexpected pregnancy.