News; the couple have good sex is the guarantee of perfect marriage!

Published: Tuesday 28 April, 2015

Unsatisfactory sex is the important cause of both sides of husband and wife divorce, so, in order to use a healthy and happy family, sex skills but will learn knowledge.How to correctly deal with the things between husband and wife?Following these tips can want to study well.Understanding your partnerThen carefully recall and analysis their partner feel how now: admire him?Care about him?It doesn't matter?Like the way he treats his?His strengths?The sense of responsibility?Loyalty?A sense of humor?Education level?Ambition?How many values and interests in common?Whether you want to children?Drinking, gambling and other bad habits?Spending habits?To the house all day how messy tolerance?To express feelings between each other openly or personal desires?The completion of this step depends on the extent to which their understanding of the partner, this does not need to be aware of their consistent, also has nothing to do with the stand or fall of both sides to get along with.To partner gradually with the deep understanding of the real, that means the really interested, willing to listen to and accept each other, agree or not can listen what he say those things or ideas.This is not an easy thing.When both partners in long time later, between them has become very familiar with and adapt to, feel comfortable together, it is easy to see the other person's reaction, they assumed and so it is easy to understand from the other side of the intent and meaning of the words or behavior.For training or treatment of the five steps of the most difficult of the next step, willing to listen politely and sharing each other's happiness and sorrow is a basic and necessary conditions and foundation.Open communicationIf a person really want to create for yourself an ideal lover, its secret is completely open communication.It needs to concentrate all your thoughts and feelings and courage, and let him know the true feelings - where he has his admiring or interested?What he have?He should be what changes to adapt to and meet your demand?Communication must be two-way.Its significance lies in the two sides can speak freely, especially on sexual orientation and honest;Its meaning is to act in concert through joint efforts, and bring effective and positive change.Perception of from the other side of the potentially harmful or requirements to have prepared, necessary explanation, discussion, and understanding is natural, purpose is finally reached a basic agreement.Say this one phase is the most difficult, that's because communication has certain risk, both sides is in when get feedback from the other party may be huge impact."She (he) is so look at me, let me sad!"So, remember that when communication attitude to absolutely gentle, amiable, avoid by all means speak insolently, deliberately hurt each other.Extension and mobilize all his skillsTo want to progress to the point where it takes some time and effort, but once the two sides to be in this position, that means they have through the communication, learned how to reduce the disappointment and share each other good hope.Although both sides of the affection schema can't completely in tune, but in a way at this time the two sides have been able to accept each other, and some places are forever impossible to tune.For example - people don't like natural hair, that can't stubbornly each other always straighten their hair!Can completely from a similar small change their concept to adapt to the couple's mutual needs.Extension and mobilize their all skills all-encompassing, but only one purpose: praise each other, understand each other, to adapt to each other.Only people who really know about each other to the depths of the soul will get a permanent love, on the contrary, if you only know its appearance and perspective is not the heart, the two sides unavoidably become strangers, how can the harmonious marriage happy?