News; Five tips will help you to do longer time for sexula

Published: Monday 04 August, 2014

1. Under the male female. Sex position, there are many different people different sensitivity to different position. Many men said, the woman in the above, can prolong ejaculation. And women increase the Angle of the two legs are apart, it can reduce the stimulation of the penis and glans penis.
2. Reduce the excitability. The faster the brain, the more excited ejaculation. Man in the process of sex may try to divert attention, want to some irrelevant things, let oneself don't be so excited.
3. The use of condoms. The length of time and the relationship between the sensitivity of the glans penis ejaculation is very big, the faster the glans penis is more sensitive to ejaculation. Can turn over wrapping, decrease the sensitivity. You can also use thicker condoms, reduce the stimulation of the glans penis by vagina and cervix.
4. Stop moving. The penis into the vagina, don't rush to pumping, pause a few seconds first, take a deep breath and start again slow movement. Quickly stopped when ejaculation powerful pumping, cuddle, kiss each other to enjoy a moment of peace, or a change of position, reduce the stimulation of the glans penis.
5. Pinch it skills. During intercourse, penis fully take a few seconds in vitro, with his hand pinched the glans penis, then quickly inserted, it is usually possible to delay ejaculation time.