News; Men prefer sex posture has revealed his thoughts

Published: Monday 27 April, 2015

Various positions, men when trying to choose according to obtain sexual pleasure to choose, but most of the men have their own preference, and from the perspective of the preference of men, couples can know his mind.Missionary type.Don't think like missionary man no emotional appeal, are using this kind of posture, because he wanted to see a woman's face, this is his loyal and reliable performance.At the same time, he is also hope that through this position, feel free to see a woman of ability.When he used this position, please show some encouragement.Women under the male type.Love this pose the men can be lazy, lack of passion and ambition, want women to deal with trouble for him.However, if he's just like with other posture adopted at the same time, that he is often let the woman of the man, willing to try their best to make the woman happy.Lateral horizontal.Such a man may be greedy, eager to get more care, and not enough confidence.Last in type.This pose strong let men can pass their information, but women may not particularly like, if constantly use this position, can make the relationship become far away.Most men like this kind of posture may have strong control, personality is straightforward.