News; 4 error lead to husband and wife not harmonious with sex

Published: Tuesday 21 April, 2015

Marriage if less sex between husband and wife will be a problem, but if you have not harmonious sex life, also is not good.Some misconceptions and people tend to cause disharmony in sex.Myth, the best sex is natural.Modern life is a fact that there is no plan to things, often won't go to implement, sex is no exception.Naturally occurring sex is fantastic but, hope for sex helps to enhance sexual pleasure experience, will be included in the agenda of the "couples" sexual love is a special kind of commitment.In addition, for both sides of husband and wife is a kind of expectation.Suggestion: husband and wife can arrange "sex" once a week, this kind of "sex", including from sex to embrace the more content.Affectionate time must be the leisure time, is not exhausted and there won't be working pressure."Two people meet" to help couples find the feeling of first love.              Mistake 2, sex of husband and wife must be in sync.In many sex life, occasionally feel "boring", belongs to the normal phenomenon.There are many factors affecting the quality of sex, such as timing, husband or wife mood, whether foreplay do foot, life stress, etc.Sex without a firm remains the same time, couples caused by temperament, follow.Occasionally sex "mistakes" or miss, not show that the relationship problems.If the spouse is temporarily lack of sexual interest, you might as well be more passionate, looking forward to the next.In order to maintain sexual passion, might as well do some bold attempt, for example, will move "battlefield" from the bedroom to the sitting room or other new places, occasionally see passion piece, etc.If both sides of husband and wife, or a complete loss of sexual passion, love should be considered watching sex therapist who or the relevant inspection, eliminate potential health problems.              Myth 3, must make love a few times a week.There is no doubt that regular sex helps to enhance the relationship.But the fix quantify sex, will inevitably into the erroneous zone.Most happy couples not having sex every day or week must make love two or three times.It is important that his wife are all satisfied with the two sides to frequency of sex.If husband and wife differ in terms of sexual frequency, it is best that discuss.For example, "let's make love number of times is not so much as he used to be, I'm worried about."Advice: be sure to remember that not only healthy sex life including sex.Couples often hug to each other, shake handshandle, naturally hugging and kissing is the important content of healthy sex life.