News; 70% of men are looking forward to have one night stand

Published: Tuesday 21 April, 2015

A survey shows that only about 25% of respondents said the trial marriage, the premarital sexual behaviors and premarital cohabitation is willing to accept and try to more than 70%, in which about 90% under the age of 45.In addition, Beijing men under the age of 40 more than 70% are willing to accept the "one-night stand", but "pack two milks" cautious, 35 to 40 years old is about 30% of women have tendency on "one-night stand" consciousness.What kind of man the most likely to play a one night stand: girls, don't blindly believe in the men around you again, more than seventy percent of the men are willing to accept a one night stand, take a look at your side whether he love to play a one night stand flower heart big radish!Sexually active married menHorny men or married men usually has suffered from sex, see beautiful women tends to be sperm on the brain, and these men know what women need the most, or temptation, with money or with kind words temptation, enough desire with enough ability to make these men need to adjust the one-night stands as the life.Enough time manAn idle man no work pressure and life pressure, often will pay attention to the matter of the men and women.Have sufficient time and interest, they also like all kinds of amusements casinos, will have the chance "hand", in order to reach own purpose, they tend to move slowly.Is "good" manSome men are very capable, but can not in appearance to attract the attention of a woman;Some men on the contrary, they are treasures outside its defeat garrulous among them the kind of person, even if there is no ability, even very bad, but with their "eye candy" appearance, can get a lot of women.Only pay attention to the sex of manSome men don't mind if a woman's appearance, temperament, speech, and as long as she would also own one-night stands.For these men, one night stands at no feelings can satisfy the physiological needs.If looking for a one-night stand and so complex, that one-night stands probability is very low.The above five types of men are most likely to one-night stands, strictly speaking, "one-night stand" not a one night stand, because there is no "love", is called "night" may be more appropriate in place.If you want to keep your man will hold his own "fresh", often in the sex to treat, let him very much look forward to working with you the next sex will have what kind of surprise, so it can greatly reduce the chance of his one night stands.