News; A man Sexual skill is not good Will make the wife sex apathy

Published: Thursday 16 April, 2015

Women's skin touch sensitive area is not only confined to the breast and vagina, can say the whole body skin has arouse the function of the sexy, often, cuddle, touch his wife will add harmony to household production.In real life, some husbands do not notice his wife sex physiology characteristic, the entire contents of the pure sex as a sex life, time is long, how don't cause wife sex apathy or libido?Sex apathy believe is not innate, there are many unpredictable factors, some are closely related with her husband.The five reasons of sex apathy1, pain or discomfort of sex: some men are male chauvinism, thinks his wife is like his private product, happy whether or not the wife is interested in, go home, then go to ask his wife to drink wine, don't go to care about his wife some interest, obsessed with their tao gun rushed into the hole after battle will enjoy sleeping, such a man is not in force wife antipathy towards yourself?This is what you don't understand the consequences of emotional appeal, over time the not apathy to blame?2, a couple things: some women because it is caused by some external factors of sex apathy.When a woman know her husband and other women slept, how much interest would like to and her husband again as before and touching, isn't this the man himself to blame!There are a lot of time we didn't mind your own gun, not only happy to cave.. 3, the psychological shadow: there are individual cases by men ever violent attacks, but for such woman we should go to more concern and care, even if she had a contrast of alienated from others, what we shouldn't complain her, after all, she has been hurt enough, we can't go to ask her anything.4, the wrong sex concept: for some women, sexual problems after grow up, probably because accept the wrong concept of sex at an early age.Such as living in a very traditional family, there are strict elders have been education, sex is a mistake, is a good woman should not like sex, having sex with men is a very shameful thing and so on.When a woman accepted the idea from an early age, when I grew up with normal sexual desire, will naturally restraint hard, time grew naturally become sex apathy.5, lack of sexual life skills: "women are made of water, is used to pain", believe that everyone knows, is often know do bad, as a man really needs to be improved well, otherwise the society will not have more women interested in you.In many cases we are going to take care of the women's body and mood, if you want to do with his desire to meet, don't care about the feelings of love, so in the near future maybe you will lose more happiness, between people is equal, don't because of his momentary clifts ruin all of sex in the future.