News; Why does a woman want to 35 minutes In order to meet with sex

Published: Thursday 16 April, 2015

How long will it take to get to meet women?According to statistics, women want to just meet in 35 minutes, but sex is along with the gender, want how to do a woman meet, and why does a woman want to 35 minutes to meet?Women all day like a duck to water, it is bring pleasure after orgasm, this is a personality to meet a woman can have happiness.Because a good sex gunk comes.Gist is that once a woman from perfect sex, sex life will be blessings in the aspects of life, and make a man a day such as the spring breeze.Experts said, the woman get satisfaction is the minimum time limit of 35 minutes.However, the experience of the female orgasm can not find.Whether caress, excited values are fully reach the limit, determines its coming sooner or later.A man can do is, first and foremost, stick to their positions before orgasm, control of time, a little more time to wait for the coming of the climax to the woman.Endure not shoot, for men, maybe it's easier said than done, but it is not endure not shoot.Because if a man is good at regulating, he is doing is not endure not shot, but how to delay the arrival of the moment that is about to "collapse".Waiting for more full bow, bow couldn't muster the full, endure not shoot is how?Men who pay attention to the experience of happiness, rather than focus on the moment of ejaculation, may enjoy more.And climax after the experience of women, men tend to be exponentially return.Many men are difficult to control, however, resist, so how to make the bedroom becomes more durable more violent?Sex experts said mike gold, men want to become more strong, you can try through exercise or diet supplements, but these methods effective slow, some need to adhere to three to five years or even decades to work significantly.If men want to quickly become strong, might as well try now most medical experts to promote male professional health care products - Leon lai, the ginseng, royal jelly and other precious plant extract essence, can effectively break through male human channel, stimulate the male human potential, effectively improve the body's balance, make men during sex more strong!Mike gold also revealed that women get orgasm time, also has a lot to do with position.Due to the concept, the influence of such factors as couples have sex position, generally is active man, in a controlling position, women are passive to cooperate.So, man increase stimulus action can be taken to bring myself to orgasm as soon as possible.If you want to decrease the advent of the upsurge of chronic, also can control the frequency of the action, reduce the stimulation, make the process smooth, while women cannot do at this time.But if you can use a woman is in control position, the female superior status, women can control the depth of the penis insertion vagina, the men took control of the vagina and the weight of the insertion of the penis friction slow, power, strength, control of the penis to your vagina stimulation of location and timing, "nine shallow a deep" by women to achieve.This time, men should try to cooperate with women, the most quickly improve sensitivity woman g-spot.