News; 11 thing well done ,orgasm was going to be easy

Published: Wednesday 15 April, 2015

Make love, not in pursuit of high tide, but not a sexual climax of is not perfect.When a woman is an orgasm during sex, don't always complain about men skill is not good enough, persistent enough, women also need to pay some efforts, let oneself in the sexual orgasm easier.If a woman can do the following 11 thing, so it will be easy to orgasm.1 to open mentality, sexual lifeSexologist argues that women in the sex life should keep an open mind, to lay down their moral judgments, listen to their inner desire and respect the preferences of the partner, so you will find that two people can find more interesting world of sex.2, innovation as the sex appealCreative and find new ways to add fun to sex, to become a good partner is very important.For example, sofa cushion, bra can add more fun to sex.3, often do sex associationSex has a lot of psychological elements, so often to allow yourself to think about sex, don't be restrained.There is a connection between the brain and sexual desire, so often think about sex helps to improve sex life, but remember this is limited to between husband and wife or partner.4, has the dedicationPay more attention to meet their partner's sexual demand, can make their own better sex, also can make the relationship more harmonious.Knut, "said Dr Lover like making love in the morning or want to change the position, for example, it is" selfless generosity "meet each other, he (she) will be reciprocated, make sex is fun.5, be curious about sexIf you insist on according to our own familiar ways to make love, to determined not to be, that isn't ripe in the performance in sexual life will be hard to perfect.Therefore, for sexual partners is put forward to try new positions, new equipment, new techniques, should hold "that must be exciting" attitude to give it a try.6, learn to enjoy masturbationMasturbation can help people know more about your body, better sex, it will make you to become a good partner.Marriage, but people often ignore the masturbation to improve sex life.In fact, let love to see you masturbate, is also a good foreplay.Masturbation can use the NEA nia clitoris massager, only need to touch your cattle, can enjoy massager to bring pleasure.7, dedication in sexTo a better sex, don't worry if he was good enough, the performance is good enough.Sexologist, said with confidence is of great benefit to improve your sex life.8, wild call bedDuring sex, women must know when called out loud, more wild.Man's best hope during sex partners do a thing more vocal.9, grasp the initiativeAbroad ever did to some man is companion of a probe into the hot sex, answer to focus on one aspect: women dominate the sex, surprise, or initiative to tease.10, adhere to the movementThe study found that healthy, active is the best aphrodisiac.Can be to improve health through exercise, so that we can focus more, enhance sexual desire, improve endurance, enhance self-confidence.11, smileTo great performances in the sex, should keep optimistic mentality, found in the every detail of fun and humor.Before sex, in particular, must be happy, let oneself happy, can go to enjoy sex.If there are all kinds of negative emotions, but it is easy to affect the quality of sex.