News; How hot she is in bed Five parts to tell you

Published: Wednesday 15 April, 2015

1, mouth kiss good womanCigarette in hand, often drinking water, nail biting, like to eat something...Love the mouth movements of women to men is more attractive, they generally have good kissing technology, because they often have in practice.2, strong thigh = energyStrong thighs stout said she was energetic, this could be a lights on, the bold woman having sex with the Windows open, and her behavior under the lights are very hot.3, fashionable women more attractiveMany women like to wear a suit black, after take off, nowhere to hide fat might give each other surprise.In general, smartly dressed beautiful, confident women are more willing to show body coming up and down on the bed.4, short hair the most pleasant surpriseLong hair woman said she would like to and have the patience to do the trouble things, but naughty woman with short hair are more likely to surprise.Hair dirty woman can let a person sex, even people who do not pay attention to your instrument, what heterosexual don't have to her expectations.Deep brown and red hair suggesting like fire enthusiasm, blond hair is most can improve the interest between the sheets.And a head of curly hair beautiful girl, guess, they love but leather collection apparatus.5, feet the most sexyThe idea is, the size of a woman feet with her pelvis is proportional to the size, so little woman vagina tighter.Although there is no scientific basis, but for those believers, little woman on the vision has the more intense sexual allure.