News; Four kinds wife are most vulnerable to the husband revenge

Published: Tuesday 14 April, 2015

Alert: 4 are most at risk of the husband of a kind wife revengeVulnerable to sexual personality of revenge: one of them is too strongCentralized family women, because men have been suppressed for a long time, suppress the deeper the more likely to go crazy, he will be in the name of husband and wife, the sexual rights as a starting point, to make some what want to do but can't do at ordinary times.Of course, this is just a kind of revenge.And some people will take the way of other progressive revenge, that is completely sex strike, or is playing with a woman rebelled against each other to achieve the purpose of sex revenge.Because of revenge is the most concealment, most efforts to revenge a retaliation.As far as I know, there have been a lot of people when not satisfied, the rational could not say, can think of to take revenge.Vulnerable to sexual revenge character 2: long refused to husband sexual demandsMen are down, and when his sexual needs and the release of sexual repression can not get the timely and effective, especially when the wife is always in such and such excuse and rejection, he may be at the mercy of the male hormone, make some at ordinary times did not dare to do things.Male human revenge though fault in men, but women also need to reflect on.As a wife, should have the duty to perform sexual to the husband, a man not a woman, they demand in the sexual frequency is far higher than women, the rejected and not women manage an unlimited magic weapon, when use more then there will be no use, it will leave a lot of complications.Vulnerable to retaliation of the character # 3: sexual desire is too strongThe best language is the language of sex between husband and wife, through sex can learn some past cannot understand information, sex every detail, often with a sensitive antennae.However, it is a double-edged sword, it is helpful to let someone into your heart, also easy to let the other side to find your weakness, you some distrust and suspicion.There is such a man, sex with his wife, wife feel extremely strong sexual desire, so he stopped going to work out of town, always constantly add (joined) wedding strong exercise, also bought many kidney and enhance sexual function food and medicine what he has done all this, there is only one purpose - spelled a life also can't let her wear is unfaithful to oneself.To be honest, I started feel funny, but really understand, this kind of man or a lot.Thus, it is not hard to explain men because women are sexually active and take revenge mental.Vulnerable to retaliation of the character of four: too flirtatious personalityFor the last, it is obvious.Men love the coquettish woman on one hand, on the one hand, and don't trust her, to his wife he ratio who all know, she is open, active and frivolous, she used to take the initiative to give smiles appealed to many men and that everything will be all is a kind of crisis, he a man's dignity to protect their this kind of dignity, a man can easily think of active attack, you're not easy virtue?Then I'll give you to fix and feed.Actually, revenge is a man to seek equal to a certain extent, or is a reflection of higher patriarchal.Revenge is dangerous and sad, if your sex life sex retaliation, that you must do down and talk, solve the problem.