News; What is the performance adolescence impotence

Published: Friday 01 August, 2014

In recent years the prevalence of erectile dysfunction has been sharply rising trend, especially in the phenomenon of adolescent male impotence, causes the increasing openness to the adolescent's thought, sex frequently and has many aspects, such as inadequate understanding of impotence, through adolescence impotence can find some reasons and know more about puberty impotence.
So, adolescence performance specific what are the symptoms of impotence?
Adolescence performance not only in the body of patients with male impotence, but also in male patients psychological reaction. Impotence caused male physical damage, spiritual is to let a male friend is hard to bear the pressure that comes with it. And the clinical manifestations of impotence is more complex, including, the penis cannot erect or erect not firm, completely normal sex life to complete; And young people with inadequate sex partners emotional communication or sexual behavior is not unified, and anxiety and impatience with impotence; Occasionally occur impotence, next one-off life completely normal, may be caused by a nervous or tired, do not belong to the sick.
Needing those who remind everybody is, adolescence impotence performance will be for each patient physique varies. Adolescent symptoms of impotence is frequent, but in the morning or is masturbation, the penis can erect and maintain a period of time, more is the impotence caused by psychological factors; If impotence persist and progress continuously, so much for impotence caused by organic disease. If deferment not cure impotence, may result in infertility. In order to normal birth and life of harmony, so should be treated as soon as possible, rather than a man escape from reality, hold fluky psychology thinks he isn't impotence, this will only make the situation of impotence is more serious.