News; More happy experience than ejaculation experience

Published: Monday 13 April, 2015

Ask a man to give up ejaculation, this, in fact it's hard to do.Some men for the sex ejaculation was the primary purpose of, in their minds, can't imagine what could be more comfortable than ejaculation in the world.This is what they are junk sex pillaging the evidence.I want to tell you, this world has far more than the ejaculation happy experience, that is to see their beloved women under your lead enjoy pleasure.Some people would say: "and sensitive woman make love, I can see her pleasure."In the previous sections in the text, you have sexy central and sexy channel, the concept of Confucianism, understand the relationship between the performance and sexual pleasure, it's almost time to review yourself.Think of it, you think up of woman, if she really reached the peak of the sexual realm.I when it comes to let a woman Shouting the topic of your arms, must have the men think that this is a woman in acting, which is discussed earlier "pretending to be comfortable" or "faking" problem.Someone said: "it seems that she is very comfortable, in fact, I don't know is true or false?"Someone said, "ask her if she had a orgasm, she always said have. Is there, I am really nervous about."If you want to doubt whether a woman is in acting, can't suspect.However, really reached the peak of the sex boundary, providing cry of quick thoughts pretend to be all not to come out.Sexy central once activated, the excited degree will be beyond imagination, women will enter a state of completely lost his head.The key is to caress the appropriate zone accurately, flutters to break woman pleasure ceiling, let her in front of you completely passive, can only be in the sea of desire and pleasure flood, at the mercy of the wave of a wave, can't control myself.At that time, she can't be acting, can't let out a scream of JiaoChen painstakingly, only expose lewd gestures of the deeply rooted in genes in front of you.There is some men, always think is the most beautiful sex ejaculation.I bet that they had never seen a woman really indulge in pleasure.As long as you have seen a, you will find, ejaculation is not really the best enjoyment.If a woman met a men will use correct sexual skill, sexy all centers, started at full speed;Man, you installed in the genes of a particular type of device, see a woman dying is like "will forget to ejaculation, will go to play with rapt attention began to women's sexy and channel, want her to be happier, more comfortable.