News; Let a female touch up the vibration of the pleasure method

Published: Monday 13 April, 2015

If someone said, a woman's body is not only sensitive to friction, the vibration is very sensitive, difficult to resist, man after listening to the estimates will be shocked.People think about things, always according to their own existing experience, few men because of vibration stimulation to get pleasure, also there are few men by using the method of vibration to touch a woman.The man's penis masturbation rule of thumb is friction, thus concluded that women also have to enjoy pleasure through friction.Maybe, there are individual men have used jump egg such tools to touch a woman.Through vibration, jump egg can indeed very small point on the stimulation of the clitoris, is to let a woman to enjoy the pleasure of shortcuts.Jump eggs, however, the vibration of mechanical vibration, applies only to the skin surface, and the strong stimulation, women get pleasure is not a heart, there's a certain force.A woman's body once accustomed to this way, the feelings will gradually slow, so it is a certain risk.Using the vibration of the I here, is a man hands and penis caused by vibration.This method doesn't stop touching the vibration of the surface of the skin, more to stimulate the penetration to the interior of the woman's body, to infiltrate widely zone, including fingers can't reach the uterus, let the sleeping already a long time zone comprehensive revive, restore the vigorous and exuberant youthful vitality.The vibration caress and touch touch Adam method matched, neck and neck, are the two pillars of Adam sexual technique.From research zone began to start, I found that women lack of vibration resistance.At that time, I on the uterus, the peripheral zone as an area, called "wide belt".In short, is the part of women's underwear covered by.After a long period of continuous research, I found a phenomenon, regardless of which parts of the broad peak with vibration, its stimulus sensation caused by the broad orgasm will spread to the whole belt, without exception.Explore the causes, because the inside of the pubic bone and inside of the fairy bone is full of nerve plexus, the vibration of the finger through central nerve plexus to sex appeal, the brain will automatically receive and feedback signal of pleasure.This also fully proved that a principle, the woman body erogenous zone does not exist independently, they are closely connected with sexy central, interact with each other.With jump egg stimulation of the clitoris, for example, only the clitoris feel comfortable;Vibration with the palm pubis, climax, including the clitoris, the broad band will enjoy sexual stimulation with pleasure.