News; What kind of sleep position is the most healthy for man

Published: Thursday 09 April, 2015

Run male first aired, some male position can be publicly, all kinds of wonderful work position can make people laugh. Position can also have great influence on people's health, so what kind of position is the most healthy? And see it.
What kind of position is the most healthy man
Life is half of the time spent on the bed, so sleeping posture can seriously affect a person's health, as everybody knows, suitable for women is the best position to right side, because lie on your back flat chest, stomach on chest, ruled out lie on your back and stomach, leaves your side.
Among them, the left side because puts pressure on the heart, may cause discomfort, so is not ideal. And right side is not the position can lead to problems, naturally became the most worthy of being introduced to women sleeping position. So what kind of position is the most healthy man?
1, the right side: testis were reversed
Someone said, right side neither oppression of the heart, and not oppressed scrotum, should be a good sleeping position. But they ignore a surprises - testicular torsion.
The disease is common in thin body of teens aged 12 to 18. In theory, to shift is not the testicle itself, but rather a like ropes on the spermatic cord, the torsion and "knot".
Due to testicular blood vessels that supply the nutrition and carry away metabolites by, once the spermatic cord "knot", testicular will "hungry", if more than 12 hours will ischemia and necrosis.
Most of patients with testicular torsion of the disease after strenuous exercise, but also has a part in side during sleep. This is because the sleep, the testicles and penis squeezed in between my legs, the reproductive organs of under pressure when standing than obvious, plus some sleeping posture is bad, your legs will wriggling, spermatic cord were "rubbing" became a ball and is therefore more likely to happen accident.
Due to testicular blood vessels that supply the nutrients and discharge metabolites by from the spermatic cord, once the spermatic cord torsion, testicular won't get nutrients, metabolites can not discharge, if the reverse time more than 12 hours, testis is likely ischemia and necrosis.
So the right side is not the best position, male if men insisted on right side, also pay attention to the "sleeping", not moving, wriggling.
2, stomach: by visceral injury
(1) men lay sleeping, the freefall, flat on the oppression of internal organs, cause breathing disorders, time damage internal organs function.
(2) the penis oppressed, hinder the blood circulation, easy to cause frequent nocturnal emissions, make men experience symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, affect the normal work and life.
(3) the scrotum oppressed, heat cannot effectively, can make the temperature of the scrotum, adverse effect on testicular sperm production function, reduce the male fertility, therefore has not yet been achievement "dad industry" male pay particular attention to, don't be prone.
3, left side: heart oppressed
1) due to the heart, located on the left side of the body, when men take the left side of the position, the heart will be oppressed, let a person over and didn't sleep well, easily lead to poor sleep quality.
(2) when the heart of the oppressed, men slowed the whole body blood circulation, including the reproductive organs of blood circulation, when the blood supply of the reproductive organs long enough, can cause erectile dysfunction.
4, lie on your back, the best position
Lie on your back is indeed man's best position. Because men adopt sleep posture, their legs apart and nature, is neither oppress organs and reproductive organ, also can avoid the scrotum, can give the scrotum, penis, sufficient space, heat radiation effectively, promote the blood circulation of reproductive organs, the most beneficial for reproductive health, sexual function.
In addition, if men were obese, supine snore, might as well lie on your back when the head slightly to one side.